Catch Reports 13 – 20th May


Heron Lake

Matt and Scott returned for their 5th trip and basically fished from early evening to early mornings only – 20.0M, 31.2M, 28.6M, 38.4M, 27.9M, 22.0C, 29.7M, 33.6M, 30.1M, 23.7M, 41.7M, 32.7M, 20.5M, 22.7M, 30.2M, 29.7M 27.7M, 25.8M, 32.9M, 38.7M, 39.2M, 52.9C, 47.9M, 26.5M, 29.7M, 21.7M, 26.4M, 32.8C, 29.7M, 28.2M, 45.9M, 32.1M, 24.7M, 29.5M, 31.2M, 24.3M, 28.6M.

37 fish Total Weight – 1139.1lbs, Average Weight – 30.78lbs.

Highlight was our 2nd 50+ common on Heron in a week of very changeable weather!

Kingfisher Lake

Rest week