Catch Reports 12th – 19th August 2017


Heron Lake

The Brinksman/Wright group arrived for what was primarily a family holiday with some fishing as well. Andy and Steve fished some evenings/nights as well as fitting in some trips and time by the pool – 33.0M, 22.0C, 20.0C, 34.0M, 21.0C, 47.0M, 33.0M, 20.0C, 32.0M, 35.7M, 33.0M, 40.0M, 24.0M, 27.0M, 23.0C, 34.7C, 20.0C, 21.0C, 22.0C, 28.0M, 27.0M, 31.0M, 32.0M, 28.0M, 25.0M

25 fish – Total Weight 746.4lbs, Average Weight 29.86lbs.

Kingfisher Lake

Howard and family returned for their second visit to Puyravaud. Last year Howard struggled in difficult conditions, but is back for 2 weeks to put the record straight – 39.8M, 44.0M, 43.6M, 42.6C, 42.12M.

5 fish – Total Weight 212.9lbs, Average Weight 42.58lbs

Howard has broken his PB on 3 occasions and the week could have been so much better as he dropped 6-7 takes. There’s always next week to get some more.