Catch Reports 12 – 19 May 2018


Heron Lake

The O’Dell group returned for another trip to Puyravaud. This time 5 anglers from Saturday to Thursday PM – 29.3M, 39.10M, 22.0C, 20.0C, 32.2C, 38.8M, 31.0M, 30.2M, 41.4M, 43.2M, 30.0M, 42.10M, 35.0M, 31.2C, 43.8M, 32.0M, 35.2C, 42.0M, 44.2M, 35.3M, 40.0M, 27.0M, 32.0M, 24.1M, 26.8M, 20.0M, 56.10C (New Lake Record), 31.0M, 47.0M, 24.8M, 21.9M, 40.8M, 52.8M, 24.7M, 24.2M, 22.5M, 26.0M, 36.6C, 38.8C, 27.4M, 20.0C, 34.4M, 22.7M, 23.2M, 34.7M, 34.3C, 37.1M, 24.1M, 27.0M, 31.3M, 34.9M, 23.0C, 46.8M, 36.2M, 20.3C, 25.2M, 26.4C, 24.8C, 20.2C, 29.4M, 30.0M, 43.11M, 25.11M, 36.1M, 34.8M, 38.7M, 33.0M

67 Fish, Total Weight – 2163lbs, Average Weight – 32.28lbs

What a 5.5 days fishing that started very slowly and changed with the weather. Included one day where 30 fish were caught!!!!!!! And a new lake record of 56.10lbs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kingfisher Lake

Terry returned for his 4th trip and the first of his 3 trips this year – 53.3M, 47.11M, 48.3M,42.14M, 47.12M, 50.13M

6 fish, Total Weight – 290.8lbs, Average Weight – 48.46lbs.

A pretty tough week for Terry but 6 lovely fish and a stonking average weight. Fish very close to or just in spawn.