Catch Reports 10 – 17 October 2020


Heron Lake

Second week for Carl and he has continued to bring out the big ones – 56.0M, 55.07M, 36.08M, 30.03M, 34.05C, 35.07C, 47.14M, 42.03GC, 47.01M, 44.11M, 22.0C, 56.0M, 47.02M, 48.13M, 41.12M, 39.15C, 30.04M, 35.13M, 42.01M, 42.06M, 44.13C, 25.0M, 62.6C (Lake Record Fish caught for the second week), 60.13M, 53.11M, 27.14M, 32.0M, 42.13M, 37.08M, 48.02M, 48.03C, 37.0M, 30.12M

33 fish, Total Weight – 1375.15lbs, Average Weight – 41.67lbs

Not quite as good as last week, but still a stunning session with 2 x 60’s, 4 x 50’s and 13 x 40’s.

For the two weeks an incredible 65 fish, Total Weight – 2828.54lbs, Average Weight – 43.52lbs! 

The best session we have ever had!

Kingfisher Lake

Carl fished for one day, but no fish caught.