Catch Report 7th – 14th Sept 2019


Heron Lake

Barry and Colin fishing at Puyravaud for the first time, days only until 6.00pm – 22.0M, 37.0C, 52.5M, 35.0M, 25.0M, 23.0M, 25.0M, 56.0C, 47.0M, 35.0M, 46.5M, 33.0M, 52.0M, 38.0M, 45.0C, 55.0M, 35.0M, 43.0M, 34.0M, 44.0C, 58.0M

21 fish, Total Weight – 945.5lbs, Average weight – 45.02lbs

A great week for the guys with some lovely 50’s and a fantastic average weight.

Kingfisher Lake

Close all season