Catch Report 28 – 31st March 2021


Heron Lake

Obviously no guests, but a rare chance for me to do some fishing. A three day session in dry weather and very cold wind. A first chance to see how the fish have faired over the Winter – 56.3M, 46.5M, 38.0C, 50.0M, 48.0C, 48.13M, 28.0M, 30.4M, 25.2C, 35.5C, 46.6M, 46.10M, 47.8M, 53.10M, 34.3M, 36.13M

16 fish, Total Weight – 673lbs, Average weight – 42.05lbs

A slow start on day one, but second and third days good as wind eased. Good weights with a couple of the known fish showing good growth rates. The feeding regime during the Winter looks like it could have paid off.