Catch Report 15th – 22nd April 2017


Kingfisher Lake (3.5 day trip)

Dave back for his 5th trip, Alan for his 3rd and Pete for his 1st – 49.1M, 44.2M, 46.8M, 41.3M, 35.1M.

5 fish – total weight – 216.54lbs, Average Weight – 43.3lbs. (5 additional fish lost near the bank)

Heron Lake

Chris here for his 2nd trip and Paul and Daniel for their 1st – A real return to form with this lake following the addition of a significant number of new fish during the winter!!!!!!

26.2M, 26.9M, 36.4M, 30.7M, 27.8M, 34.8M, 26.1M, 27.8M, 34.8M, 34.7M, 29.7M, 34.0M, 32.8M, 36.0M, 20.0M, 42.7M, 42.2M, 42.8M, 35.8M, 33.7M, 34.8M, 37.4M, 34.2C, 22.8M, 25.6M, 35.0M,27.8M, 34.9M, 34.6M, 29.9C, 26.7M, 27.5M, 27.7M, 39.8M, 33.0M, 28.7M, 26.0M, 30.0M, 30.5M, 27.8M, 22.8M, 35.4M, 28.7M, 37.0M, 42.8M, 24.8M.

46 fish – Total Weight 1429.3lbs, Average Weight 31.03lbs.

Not a bad weeks fishing………………!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!