Catch Report 14 – 21st September 2019


Heron Lake

Adam and Craig’s third trip to Puyravaud fishing each night and part of every day, very active from dinner onwards – 34.9M, 26.8C, 44.0C, 33.9M, 38.6M, 46.2M, 53.0M, 36.0M, 35.2M, 38.9M, 42.7M, 45.5M, 49.9M, 42.9M, 44.1C, 49.1M, 36.4M, 26.2M, 26.0M, 52.4M, 48.8M, 36.8M, 30.5C, 40.4M, 36.3C, 35.0M, 34.6M, 41.8M, 51.5M, 40.7M, 29.9C, 17.7C, 37.4M, 23.9C, 40.9M, 31.0M, 36.4M, 31.8M, 32.7M, 30.7M, 35.9C, 25.5M, 32.4M, 49.13M, 23.5M, 43.0M, 24.6M, 15.7C, 30.4C, 40.3M, 43.6M, 28.5M, 28.9C, 36.1M

56 fish, Total Weight – 2035lbs 5ozs, Average Weight – 36.5lbs.

What a weeks fishing, 3 x 50’s and 18 x 40’s including 3 x 49+ fish. A once in a lifetime week!

Kingfisher Lake

Closed all season