Catch Report 13 – 20th April 2019


Heron Lake

Mark was visiting Puyravaud with his family for the first time, fished mornings and evenings and a couple of nights (1 angler) – 22.7C, 41.1M, 22.0C, 25.5M, 33.9C, 35.1M, 40.0M, 35.1M, 25.9C, 23.3C, 33.2M, 33.1M, 36.0M, 25.6M, 53.1M, 25.5C, 28.9C, 24.0M, 46.5M, 45.3M, 49.0M, 25.9C, 42.8M, 28.2C.

24 fish, Total Weight – 801.7lbs, Average Weight – 33.40lbs

A good first week at Puyravaud for Mark. Some good fish, a new PB and that long awaited first 50+ fish.

Kingfisher Lake

Closed all season