Catch Report 12 – 24th October 2019


Heron Lake

Mark and Terry’s 2nd trip of the year and we have lost count of how many in total (15+), fished just days as usual – 28.0M, 40.4M, 31.8C, 28.0C, 45.0C, 24.0M, 50.4M, 28.9M, 43.8M, 32.4M, 37.0M, 43.0M, 44.0M, 29.0M, 41.0C, 44.8M, 46.8C, 62.0M (New Lake Record)57.8M, 27.8M

20 fish, Total Weight – 785.9lbs, Average Weight – 39.3lbs

A very difficult start to the trip with no fish for the first 3.5 days! Recovered well with Mark grabbing a new lake record and PB and overall 11 fish over 40lbs.