Catch Report 11th – 18th May 2019


Heron Lake

The O’Dell group back for the 8th time – 34.8M, 43.2M, 32.6C, 30.2M, 51,8M, 26.3M, 36.6GC, 37.0M, 42.9M, 58.95M (New Lake Record), 46.9M, 26.9M, 20.0C, 25.6C, 55.8M58.0M, 26.2M, 20.0C, 40.2GC, 30.3M, 21.4C, 27.8M, 30.7M, 30.0C, 30.8M, 27.5M, 26.0M, 33.1C, 34.0C, 36.0M, 34.8C, 30.7M

32 Fish, Total Weight – 1107.5lbs, Average Weight – 34.59lbs

Despite some difficult windy conditions, a pretty good week, especially for Dave catching his first 50lb fish on his 8th trip and then getting a new lake record. London Buses eh!

Kingfisher Lake

Closed all season