17th – 24th June

The boys had it tough to start as there seem to be more crayfish in this lake. The boys powered through and were able to fish most of the lake from wednesday onwards. They managed to have 11 fish out in all and unfortunately lost 4 which was a fantastic effort. Nice angling gents.

Cath report:

45m, 42m, 46m, 37m, 44m, 52:5m, 53m, 29c, 53m, 27m, 10lb Pike


Unfortunately we have had another boom of crayfish. This is a returning problem Peter and Marion experienced last year at this time and the little buggers have affected the fishing in the last two weeks.

Just like Peter and Marion previously, we have been shocked at how we went from excellent early season catches to having big crayfish problem’s in June. We had been putting nets out around the lake from February but all of the sudden the crayfish numbers have just grown.

Currently, we have 10 nets on each lake and we are empyting these three times a day to try and reduce the volume as quick as possible.

We are seeing numbers in the lakes starting to reduce and hopefully this will help with better catch reports. The fish are also on the verge of spawning which dosent help with catch reports either.

We are doing all we can here and once we feel the numbers are greatly reduced, we can then look at leaving nets in over a two or three day period to keep on top of the problem.