Heron Lake

This week we were joined by Lee, Ray, Glen and Gary returning after 4 years. The boys managed to have 20 fish out with 2 of them making new PB’s. We had a great time with the lads with lots of laughs to be had. cant wait to see you again next year gents.

31M, 46:12M, 33:2M, 46M, 54:7M, 37:10M, 53:6C, 31:1M, 44:11G. 33:10M, 36:5C, 52:12C, 48C, 29:10C, 36M, 32:3M, 46:2C, 29M, 33:9C, 29:12M


This week we had the pleasure of Kevin & Matthew Ind  and their lovely family here at Puyravaud. We had a lovely time in their company and the kids made wonderful little friendships. The boys managed to have 34 fish out and Mat smashing his PB with a whopping 64:4lb common. The weights of the fish were incredible. Fantastic angling gents!

32:2M, 45:6M, 34:12C, 53M, 38:8M, 37:4C, 44:4M, 39:8M, 31:2C, 41M, 32:6M, 64:4C, 57:2M, 30:6M, 30:4M, 38:8G, 38:6M, 51:12M, 52lbM, 38:4M, 37:8M, 38:8M, 32M, 42:2M, 46:12M, 29:8M, 42:6M, 32:2M, 47:12C, 42C, 30C, 42:2C, 36C, 35:8C


We had returning guests Nino Cappuccini, Mark Cappuccini and Charlie Cappuccini this week (granddad, son and grandson). Nino’s wife Mandy even managed to bag herself a 48:6lb common. All three of them smashed there PB’S which was fantastic. All gone home very happy fisherman.

61:1M, 50C, 33:5M, 44C, 44:5M, 51:13M, 34:5C, 46:9C, 29:5C, 31:4M, 38:9M, 48:6C, 46:9C, 52:5C, 42:5C, 29:2G, 58:6M, 28:6C