The last week of our 2022 season!

Heron Lake


Kingfisher Lake

Chris Roberts visited for the third time – 42.7M, 50.6M, 33.0M, 56.6M, 40.9M, 46.4M, 39.14M

7 Fish, Total Weight – 310.10lbs, Average Weight – 44.3lbs

Despite very changeable weather Chris had a very good 6 days and caught some nice fish. See you again next season, Chris.


Heron Lake

Tim Matt and Phil visiting Puyravaud for the first time after a much delayed holiday – 33.4M, 32.12M, 42.13C, 48.11C, 43.15C, 37.oM, 46.8M, 60.8M, 49.3M, 44.0M, 35.0M, 53.0M, 49.8C

13 fish, Total Weight – 577.4lbs, Average Weight – 44.42lbs

PB’s all round, some lovely fish and a great average across the 13 fish.

Kingfisher Lake

Rob and Tom with group above fishing Kingfisher for the first time – 42.0M, 38.8C, 51.12M, 44.8M, 31.8M, 35.0M, 49.0M, 46.12C, 44.10M, 56.0M, 

10 fish, Total Weight – 440.7lbs, Average Weight – 44.07lbs

A great result for the lads as they failed to catch until Wednesday morning and then had 10 in 3 days. PB’s all round again and first ever 50’s as well.

A great week for the group. 5 PB’s, 4 catching their first ever 50’s and the fifth person just missing out with a PB of 48lbs. Not bad, a total of 23 fish with an average weight of over 44lbs.