Mark and Terry are frequent visitors to Puyravaud and their two week 2020 trip started well with some nice 50’s and a lot of good 40’s. Terry enjoyed a very nice PB with his first ever grass carp weighing in at over 42lbs. As usual with this type of carp, it was difficult to land but played nicely on the mat to allow a rare photo of these beautiful fish.

Well done Terry!


Heron lake

Mark and Terry are back yet again, this time for two weeks. Here is the report for week one – 30.0M, 50.0M, 24.8C, 27.8C, 25.0C, 25.0C, 42.0M, 39.0M, 41.0M, 33.0C, 45.2M, 52.8M, 52.9M, 42.8M, 47.8M, 36.0M, 51.0M, 52.0M, 42.8M, 42.0C, 30.8M, 36.0M, 45.0M, 43.8M, 52.6M, 40.0C, 42.8M

27 Fish, Total Weight – 1093.9lbs, Average Weight – 40.51lbs

A great first week for Mark and Terry, 6 x 50’s and 11 x 40’s and for the third week running average weights of over 40lbs on Heron lake. Very pleasing to see! Can’t wait to see next weeks catch report.

Kingfisher lake

Not fished


Heron Lake

Jason and Dean Oram returned for their 6th trip during some very very hot weather with temperatures over 30 degrees – 34.4M, 44,11C, 46.6M, 50.1M, 30.8C, 27.11M, 34.11M, 31.0M, 44.0M, 30.10M, 37.8M, 40.8M, 42.7C, 56.0M, 54.0M, 34.0M, 40.9C, 42.12M, 30.1M, 53.4M, 33.12M, 30.7C, 36.6M, 31,6M, 57.8M, 43.0M, 49.12M, 32.2M, 52,12M, 52,11M, 42.1M, 51.2M, 36.6C, 23.12M, 31.0M, 41.8M, 43.8M

37 Fish, Total Weight – 1498.2lbs, Average Weight – 40.49lbs

A great weeks fishing for Jason and Dean with 8 x 50’s and 12 x 40’s, despite the very hot weather. Well over half the catch was over 40lbs. Not bad for our little fishery eh? Second week on the trot where average weight is over 40lbs across a lot of fish.

Kingfisher Lake

Kevin and Andy returned for another go at Kingfisher – 52.8M, 48.6M, 41.0M, 41.5M, 28.8M

5 fish, Total Weight – 212.7lbs, Average Weight – 42.54lbs

A tough week, especially for Andy, but some nice weighty fish caught, just not enough of them.

In total 9 x 50’s and 15 x 40’s in one very hot week! Not a bad result all round.



Heron Lake

Kevin and Sue return for their third trip of 2020, fishing just days – 29.5C, 60.0C, 39.75GC, 39.0M, 46.0C, 42.5C, 30.75C, 42.25C, 26.75C, 41.0M, 46.5C, 30.0M, 35.0M, 45.5C, 38.5M, 30.0C, 41.0M, 60.04M, 43.5M, 45.5M, 38.0C, 47.5M, 42.0M, 36.0C, 47.0C

25 Fish, Total Weight – 1023.29lbs, Average Weight – 40.93lbs

A fantastic weeks fishing for Kevin and Sue. 2 x 60’s, 12 x 40’s and an average weight of just under 41lbs with 13 commons coming out! Wow! Kevin now has 5 x 60’s from 3 trips in 2020!!!!! Good angling!

See you in October for your fourth trip of the year!

Kingfisher lake

Not fished