Heron Lake

The Broomhalls returned for their second visit to Puyravaud, with 5 anglers fishing. Weather was consistently hot with no rain – 64.7M (new lake and venue record), 43.6M, 45.5M, 39.10M, 19.00C, 30.15M, 29.15GC, 18.0M, 38.12M, 45.8M, 42.7C, 19.3C, 35.0M, 32.4C, 53.3M, 28.0GC, 41.4M, 43.2GC, 32.0M, 36.11C, 40.6C, 30.7C, 21.0M, 30.0M, 43.12M, 60.11 (our one and only catfish), 44.2M

27 fish, Total Weight – 1008lbs 5 ozs, Average Weight – 37.5lbs

Despite the very hot weather, a good week for the team with a new lake record (first fish of the week) and 4 out of 5 anglers going home with PB’s. A very rare visit to the bank for our one and only catfish that has only been caught twice in 10 years.

Kingfisher Lake

Only fished for one night – no return.


Tony gets his lake record champagne

In the last 10 days we have seen a new Common record and then a new lake record for Heron Lake. First, regular visitor, Kevin Watts used his strong knowledge of Heron to tempt a 60lb 4oz common out of Gaz & Geezers swim using an 18mm garlic and liver boilie topped with a 12mm pop up of the same flavour. This fish is the first 60+ common at our venue!

On Sunday 19th July the Broomhall group joined us for their second trip and Tony did not wait long for his first fish – a massive 64lb 7oz mirror that easily broke our current lake record. The same snowman set up caught this beauty as well.

We have also had a new grass carp lake record of 45lbs 2oz, so the records are tumbling as we get back into the season. The fish have obviously been enjoying the large amounts of carpet feed, we have been putting in during lockdown!

Kevin’s new common record 60.04lbs


Please note that with immediate effect, the price of our gear hire is 125 euros per person per week. We have kept the same price for the last 7 years, but we are seeing increases in the cost of various items included in the package. We endeavour to keep our gear high quality and therefore we have to pass on this price increase to our customers. Bait boat hire will also change to 110 euros per week.


Its great to be back with our first post Covid 19 catch report!

Heron Lake

Kevin joined us for his second trip of the year (he was a lucky one who got here early in the season just before lock down) to try his luck after a fantastic 62.0lb mirror last time around – 30.0GC, 20.0M, 29.5M, 41.3M, 31.3GC, 38.7M, 44.0C, 33.0M, 27.0M, 28.0M, 51.7M, 60.04C (new lake and venue common record), 33.0M, 32.8M, 36.0M, 26.0M, 41.0GC, 43.5M, 39.0M.

19 fish, Total Weight – 686.2lbs, Average Weight – 36.11lbs

First time visitors Garry and Neil also joined Kevin on Heron for a few days after a couple of non productive days on Kingfisher Lake – 45.2C, 45.1GC (new lake record grass carp), 35.2M, 28.11M 28.13M, 48.0M, 40.5M, 38.8GC, 37.6M.

9 fish, Total Weight – 346.64lbs, Average Weight – 38.51lbs

Kingfisher Lake

Fished for 2 days without producing a fish.

A new Common lake record, a new Grass Carp lake record and a new PB for Neil – not a bad first week back!