We are happy to say that we will soon be receiving guests again! We want your trip to Puyravaud to be as safe as possible in the current climate and therefore we are publishing these guidelines to help. Although we pride ourselves on the cleanliness of both our guest properties, we will doing even more to ensure the properties are fully sanitised in between each set of guests. During 2020, we will adhere strictly to a 9.00am check out and 5.00pm check in times, to allow us maximum time to deep clean the properties. Please help us by leaving promptly and not arriving before the correct check in time.

What We Will Do For You

  1. Ensure your property has been deep cleaned to the latest guidelines published by the French Tourism Authority.
  2. We will provide initial supplies of hand wipes, disinfectant, paper towels, hand soap and anti-bacterial hand sanitiser in the property.
  3. De-clutter the property to minimise potential spread of bacteria.
  4. Provide a normal Puyravaud outside (if possible) welcome but at a distance of 1M+.
  5. Practice safe distancing in all contact with you during your stay.
  6. Ensure all outdoor furniture and sunbeds are sanitised at the end of each week.
  7. As usual, we supply all unhooking mats, weigh slings and landing nets.

What We Ask You To Do

  1. Agree to a non contact digital temperature test on arrival (in the unlikely event that any individual shows a red result, we ask that you visit the nearest doctor or hospital depending on the time of arrival). This is as per best practice advice from the French Government.
  2. Bring sufficient supply of face masks to be used when shopping or visiting sites away from Puyravaud. (The Charente is a green zone with very few cases of Covid 19, but it is considered best practice to wear a mask whilst shopping, entering and leaving restaurants and when it is difficult to practice safe distancing).
  3. Practice safe distancing during your stay at Puyravaud.
  4. Regularly clean high traffic areas in your gites during your stay.
  5. Wash your hands regularly.
  6. At the end of your stay, please strip all used beds and put linen into the bags provided.
  7. Clean all used kitchen utensils in the dishwasher during your stay.

Here’s to an enjoyable and safe stay at Puyravaud. We look forward to welcoming you!