So things are definitely looking more positive!

Fishing is definitely allowed in France as from May 11th and now restaurants and bars can open from June 2nd, provided strict social distancing measures are in place. Also we are hearing that the tourist industry is being allowed to open from June 22nd in France. So everything looks in place for the July/August holidays being open for customers this year after all. Good News!

All we need now is for Boris NOT to put an unworkable 14 day quarantine for everyone entering the UK and your holiday to Puyravaud should be back on. We will have to have certain social distancing measures in place, so it will not be completely normal, but at least the news looks positive at this stage. Remember, France is probably 3 weeks ahead of the UK with deaths consistently under 100 for some weeks now. Add to that the fact that we are in a green zone where there are very few cases and the picture is looking rosy compared to a few weeks ago.

Watch this space for more info as news develops on this over the next few days.



There have been various statements today that give hope for all of you who have Summer Holidays booked to Puyravaud. Here is a quote from a leading EU commissioner………

A gradual lifting of borders has been proposed by the EU’s executive in an attempt to kick-start a tourist industry hit hard by the coronavirus pandemic. 

“Our message is we will have a tourist season this summer,” said economic affairs commissioner Paolo Gentiloni, “even if it’s with security measures and limitations.”

Borders closed across the EU, including the border-free Schengen zone.

But states are starting to reopen them.

Austria and Germany have become the latest EU countries to agree to remove travel restrictions.

From Friday there will be random checks at border crossings and then on 15 June free movement should resume. “We want to make people’s everyday lives easier and take another step towards more normality,” said Chancellor Sebastian Kurz.

UK travellers have already been warned not to expect “lavish” international holidays, with plans for a 14-day quarantine on air arrivals. But travel without quarantine will be possible to France and Ireland.

Hope this helps everybody. More info to come.


As from May 11th 2020, The French Government has started easing the lock down that has been in place since mid March. The country has been split into green (with very few Covid cases) and red (significant numbers of cases) zones and the restrictions for each zone vary.

As we are in Aquitaine, we are a green zone and therefore more restrictions have been lifted. Officially, fishing is now allowed in these green zones, particularly on private waters like Puyravaud – social distancing measures still apply, but it means that we are able to open for business once again.

Obviously, as most of our customers are from the UK we need things to get better over there so you can travel safely through France, but at least there is a ray of hope that not all the season will be cancelled.

We will keep you informed on other developments as they happen.

We hope all of our customers are adjusting to the changes this week in the UK (or is it just England) and that you are, most importantly, staying safe!