Heron Lake

Regular Pete Allen arrived for a 4 day stay that got extended to a 7 day stay courtesy of a Ryanair cancellation…………….!!!!!!!! 18.0C, 42.0C, 32.0M, 34.0M, 28.5M, 15.0C, 47.0C, 52.2M, 41.0C, 41.0M, 53.8M, 27.2M, 42.8M, 43.0M, 40.8M, 40.0M, 41.0M, 40.0M, 55.0M.

Total Weight – 738.3lbs, Average Weight – 38.9lbs

Wow……what a week for Pete. 19 fish, an overall PB, a PB common and an average weight of nearly 39lbs.

Not a bad way to sign off as we close to await the Coronavirus outcome.

Stay safe everybody and we will see you on the other side……….we hope!


As from the 22nd March 2020, Puyravaud will remain closed due to the coronavirus and the approach taken by both the French and UK Governments. This has been forced on us by the cancelling of all flights and ferries from the UK in the short-term and the announcement of a lock down situation in the UK by Boris Johnson on March 23rd.

In the meantime, all customers will be offered alternative dates either in 2020 if possible, 2021 or 2022.  If customers wish to cancel they should claim on their travel insurance. We are doing everything we can to accommodate our customers and there is still much uncertainty. We ask that our customers understand that compromises will have to be made together to get through this unprecedented situation.

The most important thing right now is to STAY SAFE and we will see you all again at Puyravaud as soon as possible.

Thanks Marion and Peter


Our first catch report of the 2020 season! Regulars Kevin, Chris, Chris and Charlie kicked us off this time round.

Heron Lake

62.0M (Equals lake record), 32.5C, 50.0M, 31.0C, 42.0M, 28.0M, 42.0M, 26.0C, 31.0M, 43.0M, 35.0M, 43.0M.

Kingfisher Lake

37.5M, 46.0M

Bit slow on Kingfisher which will need time to settle down after the works and a year of grass. Great news for Kevin who had never had a 50 at Puyravaud despite a double figure number of trips. Now he jumps straight into the 60’s club and gets his first 50 as well. Well done that man!!!!!!!!