Heron Lake

Regular Terry White fished Heron on his own, days only – 39.6M, 28.2M, 30.1C, 30.6C, 45.1M, 34.1M, 31.1M, 58.6M, 38.8M, 42.6C, 55.6M

11 fish, Total Weight – 434.4lbs, Average weight – 39.49lbs.

Some nice fish for Terry, including two more Puyravaud 50’s and a great average weight to boot!

Kingfisher Lake

Closed all season



Dave is a regular visitor to Puyravaud and this May saw his 8th visit along with his normal crew of Scott, Stuart and Wayne.Despite the number of visits, Dave had not managed to join the Puyravaud 50’s Club and was for ever hopeful that this visit would break the magic mark.The week started well and a number of good fish were banked including a 43lb 8oz grass carp for his first PB of the week. Stuart also hooked a nice 40lb 20z grassie for a GC PB.

Dave then hooked into a nice fish of 51lb 12ozs to finally break his 50’s duck and notch his second PB of the week. The following day this was bettered with a monster of 58lbs 14ozs for his third PB of the week and a new Heron Lake record. Scott also got into the PB act with a first PB of 55lb 12ozs, followed quickly by another lovely fish of 58lb.

All told 32 fish and 10 fish over 40lb. Not a bad weeks fishing for the lads and they will be back in May 2020 to try and improve yet again!

Well done guys.

Grassie PB
Dave’s First PB



Heron Lake

The O’Dell group back for the 8th time – 34.8M, 43.2M, 32.6C, 30.2M, 51,8M, 26.3M, 36.6GC, 37.0M, 42.9M, 58.95M (New Lake Record), 46.9M, 26.9M, 20.0C, 25.6C, 55.8M58.0M, 26.2M, 20.0C, 40.2GC, 30.3M, 21.4C, 27.8M, 30.7M, 30.0C, 30.8M, 27.5M, 26.0M, 33.1C, 34.0C, 36.0M, 34.8C, 30.7M

32 Fish, Total Weight – 1107.5lbs, Average Weight – 34.59lbs

Despite some difficult windy conditions, a pretty good week, especially for Dave catching his first 50lb fish on his 8th trip and then getting a new lake record. London Buses eh!

Kingfisher Lake

Closed all season



Graham, Ian, Mike and Jason visiting Puyravaud for the first time – 22.9M, 27.9M, 31.0M, 27.7C, 33.2M, 23.3M, 48.9M, 55.9M, 30.2M, 38.6M, 46.0M, 45.4C, 29.3C, 45.0M, 26.7M, 35.7M, 26.8M, 38.9M, 32.0M, 27.6C, 55.0M, 24.0C, 41.2C, 37.0M, 42.3M, 23.0M, 26.3C, 42.2M, 56.8C, 36.8GC, 40.8M, 21.0M, 39.9M, 34.0C, 29.4C, 31.2M, 52.2M, 38.4GC, 39.0M, 25.0M, 31.7M, 22.0M, 27.0C, 28.8M, 21.0M, 50.2M38.0C, 28.0M, 38.0M, 39.0M, 32.0M, 39.0M, 42.0GC, 38.0M, 41.0C, 58.8M (New Lake Record)52.0M, 20.0M, 28.0M, 22.0M, 31.0C, 27.0M, 31.0C, 42.0M, 48.0M, 30.0M, 38.0GC.

67 Fish, Total Weight – 2372.0lbs, Average Weight – 35.40lbs

Wow, a fantastic first trip and a great overall weight for the week – one of the highest we have ever had. 7 x 50’s and 12 x 40’s as well as a new Heron Lake record. Not bad! The guys will be back next year to try and beat it!

Kingfisher Lake

Closed all season




Graham, Ian, Mike and Jason were enjoying their first weeks fishing at Puyravaud with quite a few nice fish arriving on the bank. Jason was quickly away with a new PB of 49lbs 14ozs and then broke that again with his second fish of 56lbs 14ozs! His week has continued and he has over 20 fish to his name. Ian also had a nice 50 that just missed his PB by a few ounces.

Graham gets the bubbly!

Graham quickly joined the Puyravaud 50’s club with a fish of 52lb, still short of his 56lb PB. Some good 40’s and 50’s were hooked and landed until Graham finally landed that PB fish, a mirror of 58lbs 12ozs that also broke the Heron Lake record in the process. As always, the holder of a Puyravaud lake record receives a bottle of Champagne and here is the evidence to prove it!

There is still time for Mike and Ian to get their PB’s as the fish feed up before spawning.


Heron Lake

Lee, Ray, Glen and Gary were back for their 5th trip to Puyravaud – 54.3C, 30.3M, 37.7M, 27.9M, 24.7C, 36.4M, 36.7C, 47.5M, 36.5M, 21.7M, 38.7M, 35.7M, 30.0M, 30.4C, 57.7M, 44.7M, 27.2M, 24.0M, 50.7M, 39.9C, 54.8M, 38.6M, 42.6C, 42.7M, 34.8M, 30.1C, 41.5M, 36.5M, 45.7M, 40.2M, 32.6C, 22.8M, 45.9M, 29.4M, 42.5M, 25.6M, 25.4M, 35.0C, 25.7M, 31.7M, 41.7M

41 fish, Total Weight – 1498.5lbs. Average Weight – 36.55lbs

Not a bad week for the lads with 4 x 50+ and 10 x 40+, but it could have been so much better if they had landed more of the fish they hooked into. Still 3 x PB’s out of 4 is not too bad.

Kingfisher lake

Closed all season