Heron Lake

Mark and Terry here for their 15th trip – 47.8M, 37.8M, 42.0M, 56.4M, 29.0C, 25.4M, 24.8C, 37.9M, 30.4M, 29.8C, 47.9M, 43.0M, 36.9C, 29.8M, 35.0C, 36.0M, 28.0M, 31.0M, 41.0M, 32.0M, 22.0M, 40.0M, 56.7M, 26.0C, 35.0M, 35.08M, 43.0M, 25.8M, 46.4M

29 fish, Total Weight – 1051.88lbs, Average Weight – 36.27lbs

The week started off like a train, but pressure changes and unsettled weather meant the catches suffered a little, but a good week when you factor in these guys are not the earliest of risers and don’t fish nights. Two PB’s in a week can’t be bad!

Kingfisher Lake

Closed all season


Heron Lake

Mark was visiting Puyravaud with his family for the first time, fished mornings and evenings and a couple of nights (1 angler) – 22.7C, 41.1M, 22.0C, 25.5M, 33.9C, 35.1M, 40.0M, 35.1M, 25.9C, 23.3C, 33.2M, 33.1M, 36.0M, 25.6M, 53.1M, 25.5C, 28.9C, 24.0M, 46.5M, 45.3M, 49.0M, 25.9C, 42.8M, 28.2C.

24 fish, Total Weight – 801.7lbs, Average Weight – 33.40lbs

A good first week at Puyravaud for Mark. Some good fish, a new PB and that long awaited first 50+ fish.

Kingfisher Lake

Closed all season



Mark has been fishing for carp since the age of 13! Much of those early years were spent fishing with his schoolmate Ali Hamidi and they remain good friends to this day.

He has waited for many years for his first 50 and we are very happy a Puyravaud carp obliged to give him that special moment! His first week at Puyravaud has been a family occasion with everyone joining in and watching Mark land over 20 beautiful carp.

However, his first 50 arrived on Thursday morning and was caught during the morning when all three rods went off at once. Mark carefully caught and landed two mid 20’s and finally brought in the bigger fish for the much anticipated weigh in. This beautiful mirror weighed in at 53lbs 1oz and looked an absolute picture. This fish, which previously had not been named is now called Eloise, after Mark’s intrepid helper!

Very pleased Mark was able to enjoy the moment with 3 generations of his family. Just what Puyravaud is all about!

Well done Mark!

The family get in on the PB act



At Puyravaud, we like to encourage young anglers! Eloise’s Dad , Mark, had asked, in advance, if there was anywhere she could fish on site. I suggested she try the little stream which feeds our lakes and holds, trout, chub and roach. The family duly arrived with a nice little rod and reel loaded with 4lb line.

Whilst Dad was fishing for carp on the main lake, Eloise decided to have a little casting practice, just a few metres away, with no bait, just a single hook and some weights. After a few minutes she called Dad to say that she was hooked on the bottom. To Mark’s great surprise, he noticed a jerking action on the rod and quickly realised Eloise had hooked something alive.

With expert tuition and not a little skill, Eloise managed to play the fish and some 10-15 minutes later a beautiful 18.5lb pike was on the bank. She regularly accompanies Dad on his carp adventures and often helps him land his catches, but this time the roles were reversed.

Watch out for this young lady in a few years! If her interest continues, we could see some more big fish on the bank.

Well done young lady!!!!!!

PS – Worth an entry in Angling Times, me thinks!

Eloise skillfully playing her 18.5lb pike, watched closely by Dad.


Heron Lake

The Orams and Syd returned again for their 6th trip – 34.9M, 26.9C, 50.0M, 29.6C, 18.0M, 37.7M, 45.6M, 20.6M, 40.6M, 20.0M, 49.9M, 21.0M, 18.4M, 25.5M, 38.9M, 37.6M, 17.3C, 37.6M, 27.1M, 30.4M, 22.0C, 32.8M, 27.0M, 24.6M, 35.6M, 33.6M, 35.3M, 30.9M, 18.2M, 18.1M, 24.4C, 58.4M, 41.0C, 28.5C, 31.1M, 35.4M, 57.0M

37 fish, Total Weight – 1181.5lbs, Average Weight – 31.93lbs.

Not a bad week for both Dean and Jason. Dean broke his PB twice in the week and just missed the lake record. Strange distribution of fish with most caught in the deeper water.

Kingfisher Lake

Closed all season


Heron Lake

Dave L, Dave O and Badger back with us for their 6th trip – 42.0M, 25.4M, 28.0M, 31.5C, 27.0M, 57.8M, 41.12M, 32.0M, 41.0M, 40.4M, 30.0C, 22.4M, 40.8M, 20.0C, 41.0M, 54.8M, 26.4M, 20.4M, 28.4M, 33.0C, 30.0C, 28.0M, 26.0M, 45.0M, 31.0C, 40.0M, 28.0M, 20.0M, 23.0M, 32.0C, 27.0M, 20.0M, 27.0M, 28.5C, 55.8M, 48.8M, 28.4M, 37.0M, 25.12M, 30.10M, 37.4C, 20.0M, 41.4M, 23.8M.

44 fish, Total Weight – 1449.0lbs, Average Weight – 32.93lbs.

Not a bad week for the guys, 3 x 50’s and 10 x 40’s in their haul of just under 1500lbs.

Kingfisher Lake

Closed all season