Our 2019 season has kicked off with some great catches. Pete and Gary were with us for one of their umpteenth visits to Puyravaud. They were having a fantastic week of fishing, made even better when Gary hooked into a beauty and 25 minutes later landed a 58lb 7oz mirror to beat the existing lake record by over 1lb.

This was just one of 22 fish caught in 3.5 days fishing, landing 824lbs in weight, including 2 x 50’s and 5 good 40’s and an average weight of 37.5lbs. Gary’s average for his 8 fish was over 41lb!!!!!!! with no fish under 31lb!

Hopefully, this is a sign of what’s to come as we look forward to welcoming many more regulars and some new visitors to Puyravaud.


Heron Lake

A 4 day trip for returning guests Pete and Gary – 32.7C, 58.7M (New Heron Lake Record), 48.2M, 32.0C, 31.3M, 43.0M, 36.9M, 48.6M, 28.0M, 47.6M, 31.0M, 38.9M, 25.12C, 27.01M, 28.7C, 46.5M, 37.7C, 33.15M, 53.13M, 36.2M, 29.9M, 27.10M

22 Fish, Total Weight – 824.1lbs, Average weight – 37.46lbs.

An excellent 3.5 days for the guys, new lake record for Gary and some great fish to remember!

Kingfisher Lake

Closed all season


Heron Lake

Adrian and Tony arrived for their first visit to Puyravaud (3 days), courtesy of a lovely joint birthday present from Gemma, to celebrate their 40th and 70th birthdays respectively – 28.0M, 34.0M, 30.0M, 23.0C, 34.0C, 27.3C, 52.3M.

7 fish, Total Weight – 228.6lbs, Average Weight – 32.65lbs.

A good trip for the guys with multiple PB’s all round, including a very nice 50 for Adrian! Not a bad birthday present eh?

Kingfisher Lake

Closed all season


Our first catch report of 2019

Heron Lake

Josh and Emma returned for a 3 night stop, this time with Adam and Wendy – the girls fished for some of the days.

39.7M, 53.0M, 33.0M 39.12M, 33.6M, 36.3M, 25.0M, 40.0M

Total Weight – 300.4lbs, Average Weight – 37.55lbs

Not a bad start to the season – 3 PB’s, our first 50 of the season and customers went home happy!

Kingfisher Lake

Closed for the 2019 season