Heron Lake

Jason and Gary with families returned for their second trip to Puyravaud – 33.02M, 24.12M, 31.0M, 27.08M, 32.0M, 40.04C, 30.00M, 30.00M, 28.00M, 20.12M, 34.03M, 36.08M, 40.02M, 44.03M, 23.12M, 29.08M, 25.04M, 31.08M, 23.03M, 35.05M, 28.07M, 45.12M, 18.08M, 24.08C, 37.00M, 37.0M, 41.0M, 32.04M, 22.0M, 32.14M, 44.10M, 27.01M, 39.02M, 34.1M, 30.04M, 35.03M, 29.0C, 42.04M, 36.12M, 24.0C, 31.02C

42 fish, Total weight – 1333.0lbs, Average Weight – 31.74lbs

A super weeks fishing for the group with PB’s all round.

Kingfisher Lake

First visit for Martin, Mike and Andrew – 44.00M

A tough week and with hind-site, should have booked the other lake.



Heron Lake

Simon and James returned, this time with Olie, Archie and Gramps in tow for a family fishing trip – 20.0M, 32.7C, 36.8M, 22.0M, 47.5M, 40.3M, 29.6M, 29.7C, 29.8C, 35.5C, 45.0M, 31.0C, 45.5C, 35.7M, 47.1M, 29.0C, 32.0M, 34.6M, 20.0M, 22.0C, 33.0M, 44.9M, 24.5M. 34.6M, 38.9M, 42.0M, 40.0M, 29.0C, 29.0M, 20.0M, 30.0M, 25.0C, 31.0M, 31.0M, 24.0M, 29.1C, 37.0M, 34.0M, 29.0M, 42.0M, 25.0M, 34.0M

42 fish, Total Weight – 1372.8lbs, Average Weight – 32.69lbs

Kingfisher lake

No catch recorded – we have had a couple of bad weeks on Kingfisher. As the weather changed, we had low levels of oxygen in the lake whilst we were away and it is taking its time to recover. Richard had two runs, losing a nice grass carp at the net and was kindly allowed by James and Simon to spend the last day on Heron. He recorded the following catch

45.1M, 31,5M, 37.0M, 36.5M

4 fish, Total Weight – 150.1lbs, Average Weight – 37.52lbs.

Therefore, 46 fish caught this week on Heron!



Regular visitor Terry White was at it again a few weeks back, when he visited Puyravaud for the second time this year. During a night session he hooked into Split Tail and after a difficult fight in the dark the fish was landed at 1.30am in the morning. This time the scales tipped at just over 60lbs and good news that Split Tail is now at its highest weight since arriving with us two years ago!

Terry continues to catch some of our biggest fish and we are happy to have such strong representation on Terry’s top 10 catches, compiled over 30 years of carp fishing in France. Well done Terry and see you in September.



Heron Lake

Kevin back again for his second visit of the year, this time with family and friends – 38.0M, 28.0C, 35.0M, 32.0M, 36.0M, 39.0M, 29.0M, 25.0M, 40.0M, 42.0M, 21.0M, 22.0C, 29.0C

13 fish, Total Weight – 416lbs, Average Weight – 32.0lbs

Fished very lightly so a very good result for Josh and Kevin, numerous PB’s for Josh!

Kingfisher Lake

Not fished


Heron Lake

Mark and Terry returned for their second trip of the year and 13th in total – 40.0M, 20.4M, 28.9C, 38.4M, 32.0M, 28.4M, 24.0C, 30.0C, 26.0M, 37.0M, 26.8M, 22.4M, 28.4C, 34.0M, 27.0M, 46.0M, 22.6M, 28.9M, 29.0M, 32.4M, 28.8M, 26.8M, 25.0M, 20.0C, 27.4M, 20.0C, 33.4M, 41.9M, 35.8M, 40.4C, 40.4M

31 fish, Total Weight – 942.5lbs, Average Weight – 30.4lbs.

Trip between 26th June – 3rd July

Heron Lake (2) 5-6th July

Pete fished Heron for 48 hours due to Kingfisher being affected by storms – 42.3M, 43.6M, 44.0M, 33.0M, 38.5M, 32.6M, 21.0M

7 fish, Total Weight – 255.0lbs, Average Weight – 36.4lbs.

Pete recovered well after a fruitless few days on Kingfisher, even had all three rods go off at once!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kingfisher Lake

No catch recorded.


Heron Lake

Not Fished

Kingfisher Lake

Terry White returned for his second visit of the year, and brought brother Richard for his first ever visit to Puyravaud – 51.10M60.01M, 44.2M, 39.00GC

4 fish, Total Weight – 195.10lbs, Average Weight – 48.8lbs

New PB’s for both Richard with his first 50 and Terry with his first 60. Split Tail up to its highest ever weight. Second largest fish ever at Puyravaud. Hard fishing due to 30+ degree temps.