Heron Lake

Terry and Mark back for their 14th trip!!!!!!!!!!!! Fished casual days only, very casual – 45.14M, 34.6M, 56.0C (New Lake Record), 36.8C, 39.8C, 38.0M, 24.0M, 43.0M, 39.14M, 37.14M, 34.0C, 33.8M, 32.0C, 39.2M, 26.0C, 20.0M, 36.0M.

17 Fish, Total Weight – 616.90lbs, Average Weight – 36.28lbs

New Lake Record for Heron Lake

Kingfisher Lake

Dave O and Badger back for another trip – fished nights and days – 49.08M, 48.0C, 38.0M, 48.8M, 48.9M, 40.12C, 50.4M, 34.0GC, 45.8C, 60.4M (New Lake Record and first 60+ fish)55.4M, 45.12M

12 fish, Total Weight 564.8lbs, Average Weight 47.04lbs

New Lake Records on each lake in the same week. Brilliant!


Heron Lake

The Oram’s were back for their 5th trip to Puyravaud, this time 4 anglers, days only – 51.10C, 42.10M, 20.13M, 49.02M, 45.12M, 22.12C, 21.4C, 27.12C, 40.01C, 35.0M, 25.1C, 34.13M, 30.0M, 29.0M, 36.13M, 39.3M, 38.9M, 37.14M, 21.6M, 20.5C, 21.0M, 32.4M, 21.5C, 48.2M, 32.1M, 18.0C, 30.11M, 20.3C, 32.6M, 36.5M, 37.3M, 32.1C, 15.8C, 22.4M, 20.4M, 29.1M, 31.0M, 37.8M, 42.3M, 24.0M, 28.5C, 34.5M, 38.5M, 31.0M, 32.12M, 32.0M, 34.4M, 39.0M, 30.2M, 30.4M, 27.14C, 25.3M, 36.3M, 34.2M, 32.2M, 33.4M, 53.6M, 39.11C, 44.5M, 43.6M, 19.4C, 51.7M.

Total 62 fish, Total Weight – 2031.04lbs, Average weight – 32.76lbs.

Kingfisher Lake

Carl Amery here for his 1st trip to Puyravaud, fished days and two nights – 38.9M, 36.6GC, 46.7M, 48.7M, 54.09M, 38.5M, 48.9M, 55.0M, 36.5GC, 34.02M, 38.5C.

Total 11 fish, Total Weight – 477.22lbs, Average weight – 43.38lbs.


Heron Lake

The O’Connors first visit to Puyravaud. Only fished days – 36.2M, 38.4C, 34.8M, 36.4M, 41.6M, 38.8M, 28.8M, 38.8M, 39.4M, 46.8M, 24.2M, 24.8M, 38.6M, 38.9M, 44.8M, 48.4M, 34.8C, 37.5M, 41.4M, 53.8M, 27.6C, 29.4M, 24.8M. Total Weight – 849.0lbs, Average Weight – 36.91lbs

Highest ever average weight on Heron!

Kingfisher Lake

Not fished



Peter and Sarah are regular visitors to French carp fisheries, so there first trip to Kingfisher Lake at Puyravaud was interesting to see how we fared against some of the top venues they have visited.

Peter was straight into the fish on his first night, landing a nice 50+mirror and despite the changeable weather, he caught consistently right through the week. He ended up with 18 fish – 5 x 50’s, 13 x 40’s and 1 36lb grass carp that bought his average weight down just a tad!!!!!!!!!!!!!! His average weight was bang on 48lbs with his biggest fish at 59lbs 2ozs.

All in all, Peter and Sarah were very happy with the fishing and the quality of the accommodation that went with it. Looks like they will be back again to try and improve on a very good first visit.

Another nice 50+ for Peter
Peter’s 59.2 mirror
Two Tone growing nicely – 58+


Heron Lake

Jonny, Danny and Martin back for the 5th time. Fished days and 4 nights.

Martin – 23.9M, 31.2M, 31.5M, 46.11M35.4M, 34.0M, 29.14M, 26.12M, 53.12M (new PB), 35.1M, 39.5M, 31.7M, 33.12M, 45.14M, 28.10M, 36.4M, 30.3M, 26.6M, 21.1M, 22.0C, 30.7M, 25.2C, 34.12M, 30.9M. 24 fish, Total weight – 783.12lbs, Average weight – 32.6lbs

Danny – 31.15M, 37.9M, 31.5M, 30.9M, 35.2M, 29.11M, 53.14C (new PB), 25.6M, 26.8M, 20.0M, 31.1M, 27.2M, 32.10M, 21.12M, 22.2C, 39.10M, 25.2C. 17 fish, Total weight – 521.2lbs, Average weight 30.6lbs.

Jonny – 29.7M, 27.12C, 38.13M, 36.14C, 32.6M, 53.13M (New PB), 29.0M, 31.13M, 25.9M, 41.3M, 24.14M, 35.10M, 33.2M, 36.2M36.6M, 24.9M. 16 fish, Total weight 537.3lbs, Average weight 33.5lbs.

Week total 57 fish, Total weight 1842lbs, Average weight 32.3lbs.

Kingfisher Lake

Peter’s first trip to Puyravaud, fished days and 5 nights – 50.11M, 50.5C, 48.2M, 42.8M, 45.0M, 45.8M, 52.2M, 46.8M, 58.0M, 48.4M, 59.2M, 43.8C, 46.0M, 44.0M, 43.8M, 36.1G, 44.12M, 40.2M.

18 fish, Total weight – 845.5lbs, Average weight – 47.9lbs.

A great weeks fishing on both lakes with 8 good 50’s out and our first 50+ common on Kingfisher.