So our final guests left this morning and our 2017 season is officially over!!!!!!!!!!!

Numbers of guests – up, numbers of fish caught – up, average weights – up  and numbers of 40’s and 50’s caught – up dramatically. This year across the two lakes our customers caught 158 carp over 40 lbs and 55 carp over 50lbs. Biggest fish caught was 59.8lbs!

Not bad for our little fishery!

A massive thank you to everyone who visited and we are very proud that so many of you keep coming back.

See you all again in 2018!


Heron Lake

James and Simon visited Puyravaud for the first time for a weekender trip – 40.2M, 41.3M, 34.0M, 29.0M

4 fish Total Weight 144.5lbs, Average Weight 36.13lbs

Kingfisher Lake

Peter, John and Cora returned for their second trip of the year – 51.0M, 42.11M

2 fish Total Weight 93.11lbs, Average Weight 46.55lbs

A tough final week of the season with some changeable weather to be expected at this time of the year. Simon broke his PB twice and Peter caught our 55th x 50+lb fish of the season. The fish get to have a well earned rest until the middle of March 2018. Here’s hoping for a couple of nice cold spells over the Winter and a good start to the 2018 season.

2017 has been a fabulous catching year with numbers and weights well up on previous years.

Next Catch Reports will be towards the end of March 2018!