Dave L and Dave O returned for their third trip and brought Badger with them for his first. The week proved difficult on the fishing side and the guys waited a couple of days for their first run. Badger however upped the ante with his first fish of 32lbs and then delivered two PB’s in the space of 40 minutes. The first a very nice mirror of 43.4lbs, followed shortly after by a beautiful 55.12 mirror.

Dave L finally got into the action with two mid to high 20’s caught on Heron and Dave O saved a blank with a mirror of just under 24lbs – the smallest fish in Kingfisher. The guys have booked to come back in April and October 2018 and we look forward to seeing all three again on both trips.

Dave L and one of our Castle fish
A nice Heron common for Dave



Kingfisher Lake

Dave L and Dave O returned for their 3rd trip and Badger for his first – a hard weeks fishing all round – 32.10M, 43.4M, 55.12M, 23.12M

4 fish Total weight 155.3lbs, Average Weight 38.8lbs.

Highlight of the week was two PB’s for Badger in the space of 40 minutes. First a 43lb mirror followed closely but a beautiful 55.12 mirror. The guys are back in April and October 2018.

Heron Lake

Not fished except for one afternoon and evening 37.0M, 27.14M, 28.0C

3 fish Total Weight 92.9lbs, Average Weight 30.96lbs


Heron Lake

Gary, Ross and Guy visited Puyravaud for a three day trip – 40.0M, 36.14M, 46.8M, 25.1M, 45.3M, 25.0C, 20.0M, 40.4M, 25.4C, 31.2M, 44.6M, 48.6M, 32.6M, 26.0M, 39.4M, 26.1C, 25.0M, 32.0M, 27.11M, 31.8M, 34.0M, 20.0C, 20.0M

23 fish, Total Weight 743.8lbs, Average Weight 32.34lbs

6 x 40’s and a number of PB’s for Guy on his first trip to Puyravaud. A very good 3.5 days fishing (no nights fished).

Kingfisher Lake

Josh and Kevin returned for their second visit and brought Andy with them for his first – 45.12M, 52.6M, 45.6M, 27.0M, 30.6M, 45.7M, 37.8M, 55.12M, 42.8M, 31.4M

10 fish, Total Weight 415.30lbs, Average Weight 41.53lbs

PB’s for all three guys including first 50’s for Kevin and Andy. Josh also spent a few hours on Heron Lake and bagged another three fish – 24.4M, 24.6M, 20.0M.



Last week we reached a pretty important milestone for Puyravaud, when Jonny Robinson caught our 50th 50lb+ fish of the season. This represents a massive improvement from previous years and shows that our fish are healthy and growing!

The moment was made even more special by the fact that Jonny had family members with him and you know how we love family moments  at Puyravaud!!!!!


Kingfisher Lake

Andy Ashton brought the crew back for their second visit with the ladies and kids as well for a family group holiday. Fished Saturday to Tuesday am – 44.4M, 42.0M, 50.9M

3 fish Total Weight 137.3lbs, Average Weight 45.76lbs

A difficult few days with very changeable weather from quite hot early on to rainy and cold towards the end. A disappointing result, but a PB for Andy for the second trip running.

Heron Lake

Ken and Sam returned for their third short trip to Puyravaud (3 days and nights), fishing from Sunday pm to Wednesday morning – 23.0M, 53.0M, 23.5M, 34.0M, 31.12C, 21.7C, 31.5M, 25.12M, 50.10M, 27.4M, 26.12M, 44.5M, 24.4M,27.8M, 34.7C, 25.5M.

17 fish, Total Weight 541.33lbs, Average Weight 31.85lbs

A super result in just 3 days for Sam and Kev. PB’s for both and 2  x 50lbs+ fish for Sam. Heron continues to prove it is pretty bullet proof despite changeable weather – average weights holding up well as we approach the last 4 weeks of our season.

Next guests arrive on Sunday 8th October.



Terry and Mark are becoming regular fixtures at Puyravaud having visited us at least twice for the last 6 years! On this visit they fished Heron and ended up with a very respectable 29 fish weighing in at 857lbs. Biggest fish was 43lbs and average weight a little under 30lbs.

Terry came with me on a hunt for some nice cognac (Frapin XO) and the guys also visited our favourite restaurant Grange Aux Oies to taste some of the regions best dishes.

The guys have booked twice for next year already and are looking forward to their next visit.



As we quickly march on through our 2017 season, we just wanted to give a big ‘shout out’ to all our returning customers, many of whom have visited us more than 6 times since we opened in 2010. This year just over 66% of all our bookings are from people who have visited Puyravaud before. Looking at confirmed 2018 bookings, that trend looks to be continuing and if anything slightly increasing.

Once again, a big thank you to all our regulars, Marion and I love having you back!

Here’s to seeing you all again soon!