Lee and the crew arrived back for their second trip to Puyravaud fishing Heron Lake. It took Lee just a few hours to net his 1st fish and what a beauty it was – a 53.0lbs common, our first 50+ common from either lake. The fish fought hard and was finally landed after a 20+ minute fight on our Gaz & Geezer Swim! Gary also beat his PB with a nice 40lb mirror and had two other fish of 23 and 30lb!

Lee and the team have still 6 full days of their trip so plenty of time to land some more of Puyravaud’s lovely carp. Well done Lee!


Kingfisher Lake

Dave L and Dave O were back for the 2nd trip – 45.8C, 46.0M, 48.4M, 42.4M, 51.9M, 36.5M, 45.1M, 46.0C, 41.9M, 40.1M, 50.7M, 41.7C.

12 fish – Total Weight – 534.8lbs – Average Weight 44.5lbs…………..

1 x 30, 9 x 40’s, 2 x 50’s.

What a weeks fishing and the highest ever average weight from Kingfisher.

Heron Lake

Phil, Jason and Sid were back for the 4th trip – 24.7M, 30.0M, 31.0L, 36.8M, 25.7C, 42.0M, 29.5M, 34.8C, 26.4M, 33.7M, 30.1M, 26.2M, 29.2M, 33.3M, 30.2M, 35.9C, 32.8M, 29.8M, 26.6C, 28.2M, 30.0M, 27.0M, 37.7M, 26.7M, 50.4M, 31.1C, 34.8, 28.2C, 25.0C, 33.8M, 36.7M, 36.4C, 37.9M. 36.3M, 43.2M, 32.6M, 21.7M, 47.9M

38 fish – Total Weight – 1234.3lbs – Average Weight – 32.48lbs

( Highlights – 20 x 30’s, 3 x 40’s, 1 x 50).

3 x 50’s out this week and some very good average weights!!!!!!!



Dave L and Dave O are having a cracking week on Kingfisher Lake at Puyravaud!

Pride of place this time goes to Dave O with his second PB of the week and his first 50lb fish. His 50.7lb mirror fell to a garlic and liver 18mm boilie. Dave has also landed a 42 mirror and stands at 5 fish for the week. Dave L continues to catch and has even caught Humpy the common for the second time this week……….!!!!!!!! He also landed a 40 mirror that has never been caught in our lake before (new sock over the winter).

The guys now have 11 fish, total weight 496.6lbs, average weight 45.02lbs – not a bad weeks fishing with still plenty of time to add to their totals.


Dave O first fish

Dave Lawson and Dave Oldfield have come back to see us for a second time and their week is looking good after a slow start. A mid-week change of temperature and some rain really helped to liven up the fishing.

Dave L opened up with a nice 45lb 10 ozs common – a new PB Common with Dave O having to wait a couple of days for his first fish – a nice 42lb mirror.

Day 3 saw the weather change and with it the fish activity. Dave L hit into his first new PB with a very nice 48lbs 12 ozs mirror quickly followed by Dave O’s PB of 46.0 lbs. Into the evening session and Dave L broke his PB for the second time in one day with a stunning 51lbs 12 ozs mirror caught just after dark. Dave O added a 36lb mirror just after midnight and Dave L added a 4th fish – a 45lb mirror.

So far 7 fish – Total weight 316.6lbs, Average Weight 45.2lbs!!!!!! Not a bad first half of the trip with hopefully more to come for the guys.

Dave L first PB 48lbs +


Kingfisher Lake (3.5 day trip)

Dave back for his 5th trip, Alan for his 3rd and Pete for his 1st – 49.1M, 44.2M, 46.8M, 41.3M, 35.1M.

5 fish – total weight – 216.54lbs, Average Weight – 43.3lbs. (5 additional fish lost near the bank)

Heron Lake

Chris here for his 2nd trip and Paul and Daniel for their 1st – A real return to form with this lake following the addition of a significant number of new fish during the winter!!!!!!

26.2M, 26.9M, 36.4M, 30.7M, 27.8M, 34.8M, 26.1M, 27.8M, 34.8M, 34.7M, 29.7M, 34.0M, 32.8M, 36.0M, 20.0M, 42.7M, 42.2M, 42.8M, 35.8M, 33.7M, 34.8M, 37.4M, 34.2C, 22.8M, 25.6M, 35.0M,27.8M, 34.9M, 34.6M, 29.9C, 26.7M, 27.5M, 27.7M, 39.8M, 33.0M, 28.7M, 26.0M, 30.0M, 30.5M, 27.8M, 22.8M, 35.4M, 28.7M, 37.0M, 42.8M, 24.8M.

46 fish – Total Weight 1429.3lbs, Average Weight 31.03lbs.

Not a bad weeks fishing………………!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




Adam, Craig and Adam, from Cambridgeshire, joined us for a weeks fishing on Kingfisher Lake. They quickly set up on The Point Swim with the intention of fishing both during the day and at night.

The guys were quickly into the fish and Adam W improved his PB twice with a 44lb Common followed shortly by a 45lb Mirror. Craig also got into the action with a very nice Mirror of just under 49lbs. Adam J then topped those with a Mirror of well over 49lbs. Further 30lb + fish followed before Adam W capped off his trip with a 51lb 4oz mirror for his first ever 50+ fish. All three broke their PB’s during the trip at least once.

The guys also picked up some nice 30lb + fish by spending a few hours stalking on Heron Lake. They finished with 12 fish and a total weight on Kingfisher of 484.8lbs. Average weight was 40.4lbs including a very nice grass carp of 27lbs!!!!!!

The guys enjoyed the trip, the food, the fishing and are working on dates for their next trip to try and improve their PB’s even more.

Adam J and Craig into the action.
A nice 27.7lbs Grassy!
Just under 50 during the night!


Kingfisher Lake

Adam, Craig and Adam visited Puyravaud for their first visit – 24.0M, 44.0C, 45.0M, 48.8M, 38.6M, 45.2M, 49.8M, 37.3C, 31.3M, 41.9M, 27.7G, 51.4M

12 fish – total weight 484.8lbs, average weight 40.4lbs.

Heron Lake

The guys also spent a couple of afternoons and evenings stalking Heron.

32.8M, 31.9M, 30.7M, 29.9M, 38.6M, 32.0M

6 fish – Total Weight 195.9lbs, Average Weight 32.65lbs.



Pete Allen visited Puyravaud for the 5th time and finally managed to catch a 50lb+ fish from Kingfisher Lake. On three previous trips, Pete had landed a fish over 49lbs, but in each case the scales fell agonisingly short of his target weight. However, on the morning of the 29th March 2017, Pete hooked into a weighty fish and 25 minutes later an anxious Pete was at the scales. This mirror weighed in at exactly 52lbs and was certainly worth the wait!

Pete also landed another 49lb+ fish as well as a 45lb and 32lb for an average weight of 44.5lb. Not bad for 3.5 days fishing early in the season.