Work has just started to repair a rather large hole that appeared in the dam wall on Heron Lake during the summer. The work will require a section of the wall to be dug out, a completely new monk and sluice gate system to be put in and the whole wall strengthened. We were advised to take down the rather large oak trees that lined the back of the dam wall to prevent further damage, it has now opened it up a lot but sad to see the trees down.

A lot of heavy work going on so that have the lake fully back up and running hopefully by the end of October. As they say, when you own a fishery, the work never stops…………………….

Watch out for more details as the work progresses.



Dave has been before with his lovely wife Jan and best friend Alan.  His return visit this time was with 3 fishing friends.

He has sent us these pictures and comments …  The fishing on our weekend with you was great especially for myself and Terry, our catch was in total x20 fish,I caught 6 fish and a PB 47lb 5oz and all my fish where over 37lb 6oz Terry had 4 fish all PB’s his biggest being 44lb 6oz Vinnie had 6 fish his largest was 42lb 10oz and Mike had 4 fish and his biggest fish weighing in at just under 32lb.

Thanks for coming back again Dave, so lovely to see you again and thank you for bringing us new customers ….  come back soon.



In the second week of September, Terry and Mark returned for their third trip to Puyravaud………..this year! (We love customers like these!!!!!!!)

The fishing was particularly hard after a significant drop in temperature and some unsettled weather in general. Despite this they managed to bag 11 carp with Mark improving his PB twice during the week. He finally joined the 50’s club with a fish of just over 50lbs, followed by another later in the week at just over 51lbs. Terry weighed in with some nice mid 30’s, but it was Mark’s week as he also caught a couple of nice 40’s.

Terry and Mark will be back next year to try to improve on their PB’s yet again and enjoy everything Puyravaud has to offer.



The Wood family group joined us for their first trip with James and Neil determined to catch some nice fish. Fishing Kingfisher Lake, they had a fantastic week and caught just over 100 carp over 20lbs. They had two 50’s and a dozen or so 40’s. Neil came to Puyravaud with aPB of 39lbs and after many years of trying finally bagged 3 x 40’s on the last couple of days including a beautiful 49lb mirror. James had a great week with a couple of 50’s and 9 x 40’s. Not a bad weeks fishing in France eh…………………….Emma, Karen, Mollie and Charlie also had a great week using the pool, visiting local spots and enjoying the nice weather and relaxed atmosphere at Puyravaud.

After their departure, we welcomed the Ruthven group of 16 for their 4th visit to Puyravaud. They all know the place very well by now and settled in to their second home very quickly. The guys love their fishing but also like to sample the local go kart tracks and laser quest for a bit of variety. Needless to say, they are very competitive and try to challenge the lap records wherever they go. Great fun to be with and almost part of the furniture at Puyravaud. They did do some fishing and mangaged some nice 50’s and a lot of 40’s as well. We are very pleased they have already booked for 2016 and we look forward to celebrating Paul’s 50th during their stay…………the lemon drizzle cake is booked.



So here’s the confirmation – 16 year old Connor receiving the prize for our latest lake record of 54lbs 7ozs. Connors a bit too young for this champagne really, but we didnt want to break with tradition – so guess this will end up being a gift for Mike…….for all the tuition and being a great angling coach…. what do you think?

The Salisbury’s and Connor had a great week and we hope to see them back, yet again, next year…………………

Here’s to our first 55lbs+ fish – not too long now – we hope!



Connor is back at Puyravaud for the third time and usually manages to break his PB whilst visiting. He did so on his first day with a beautiful 48lbs 10ozs common (lake record common) and quickly followed it up with a new overall Puyravaud lake record of 54lbs 7 ozs – this time a stunning mirror caught at 1.00am.

Both Mike and Connor continued to catch throughout the week and jointly ended up with 41 fish over 20lbs including 6 x 40’s and 2 x 50’s and an average weight of over 35lbs.

Meanwhile, Amanda and Daniella have been seeing the sites and soaking up the rays by the pool. Four very happy bunnies then…………….. Looks like they might be back next year as well!


“Puyravaud is truly a gem, full of history, beautiful scenery with numerous hard fighting Carp. The lakes are wonderful, the welcome warm and if I had one criticism the accommodation is so nice and comfortable it’s hard to get up and go down to the lakes”.

– Presenter of Pursuit

“I have fished and filmed at hundreds of venues all over the World and extensively in France. Aside from the great action that we had in a very short period of time, the accommodation at Puyravaud is on a different level. If there was such a thing as boutique hotel meets holiday angling then this place is it”

‘Peter and Marion are fantastic hosts, the food is outstanding and the place is really beautiful. I get offered to film and fish at many venues for free but this is one place I’m booking for my own angling trip next year – and that’s only because I couldn’t get in this one”

– Lester Holcombe director and exec producer of Pursuit