12 Years In The Making – Our First 60lb fish


When we bought Puyravaud in 2005, our dream was to open a carp fishery and eventually produce fish that were 50lb+. Once we opened in 2010 and we understood a little more about what was possible, we always looked forward to the day we might produce a 60!

Well finally in 2018, after a lot of hard work, a few setbacks along the way and a number of near misses that fish was landed on Kingfisher by Dave Oldfield, one of our regulars. Weighed in at 60lbs 4ozs, by none other than twice world record holder Gary Hagues, this mirror has produced steady growth rates and reached just under 58lb last season. Needless to say, Dave was over the moon as were we.

So now we know 60’s are achievable, here’s to our next goal of a 70+ fish. Always good to have new goals to strive towards eh!!!!

Well done Dave on a fabulous catch.