We are enjoying some good fishing early in the 2018 season and after waiting nearly 3 years for the Heron lake record to go, it has been broken twice in the same month. This time it was Stu’s turn to catch our biggest common at 4.00am which this time weighed in at a lovely 56lbs 10ozs. The O’Dell group enjoyed a fabulous 5 days fishing on Heron and after a very slow start, they captured a massive 67 fish with a total weight of 2163lbs. Not for the faint hearted but on the Wednesday of their trip they landed 30 fish in a single day – our most ever in a single day!

Needless to say the lads are planning an even bigger trip to Puyravaud in 2019!


Heron Lake

The O’Dell group returned for another trip to Puyravaud. This time 5 anglers from Saturday to Thursday PM – 29.3M, 39.10M, 22.0C, 20.0C, 32.2C, 38.8M, 31.0M, 30.2M, 41.4M, 43.2M, 30.0M, 42.10M, 35.0M, 31.2C, 43.8M, 32.0M, 35.2C, 42.0M, 44.2M, 35.3M, 40.0M, 27.0M, 32.0M, 24.1M, 26.8M, 20.0M, 56.10C (New Lake Record), 31.0M, 47.0M, 24.8M, 21.9M, 40.8M, 52.8M, 24.7M, 24.2M, 22.5M, 26.0M, 36.6C, 38.8C, 27.4M, 20.0C, 34.4M, 22.7M, 23.2M, 34.7M, 34.3C, 37.1M, 24.1M, 27.0M, 31.3M, 34.9M, 23.0C, 46.8M, 36.2M, 20.3C, 25.2M, 26.4C, 24.8C, 20.2C, 29.4M, 30.0M, 43.11M, 25.11M, 36.1M, 34.8M, 38.7M, 33.0M

67 Fish, Total Weight – 2163lbs, Average Weight – 32.28lbs

What a 5.5 days fishing that started very slowly and changed with the weather. Included one day where 30 fish were caught!!!!!!! And a new lake record of 56.10lbs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kingfisher Lake

Terry returned for his 4th trip and the first of his 3 trips this year – 53.3M, 47.11M, 48.3M,42.14M, 47.12M, 50.13M

6 fish, Total Weight – 290.8lbs, Average Weight – 48.46lbs.

A pretty tough week for Terry but 6 lovely fish and a stonking average weight. Fish very close to or just in spawn.



We are used to the lake record on Kingfisher changing regularly, but on Heron the record has stubbornly held for nearly 2 years. Well the end of April changed that as both lake records went in the space of two days.

First, regular Puyravaud visitor Terry Clyne landed a 56.0lb common to beat the previous Heron best by 1.5lbs. Not to be outdone, Dave Oldfield, also a regular, landed our first 60lb fish with a 60.4lb mirror from Kingfisher Lake.

Very encouraging signs for 2018, with our catches of 50lb+ fish well up on last year at the same time. So far this year we have landed 24 fish above that figure, compared to 16 at the same time in 2017.

Here’s to beating our record of 55 x 50lb+ fish caught in the full 2017 season!

Terry’s new lake record of 56lbs.


Kingfisher Lake

Adam and Craig back for their 2nd visit with new boy Chris – 39.8M, 46.8M, 48.0M, 47.8M, 45.7M, 48.0M, 46.9M

7 Fish, Total Weight – 323.0lbs, Average Weight – 46.14lbs

A tough week and the guys worked hard for their fish.

Heron Lake

The guys fished Heron for a couple of afternoons as it was free – 32.2M, 53.4M52.0C, 24.5C, 20.0M, 30.0C, 43.2M, 34.9C.

8 fish, Total Weight – 290.2lbs, Average Weight – 36.28lbs

A couple of 50’s caught off ‘ Common as Muck’ to end the week on a high!


When we bought Puyravaud in 2005, our dream was to open a carp fishery and eventually produce fish that were 50lb+. Once we opened in 2010 and we understood a little more about what was possible, we always looked forward to the day we might produce a 60!

Well finally in 2018, after a lot of hard work, a few setbacks along the way and a number of near misses that fish was landed on Kingfisher by Dave Oldfield, one of our regulars. Weighed in at 60lbs 4ozs, by none other than twice world record holder Gary Hagues, this mirror has produced steady growth rates and reached just under 58lb last season. Needless to say, Dave was over the moon as were we.

So now we know 60’s are achievable, here’s to our next goal of a 70+ fish. Always good to have new goals to strive towards eh!!!!

Well done Dave on a fabulous catch.


Heron Lake

Kevin, Chris and Charlie here for yet another trip. Very casual fishing, late starts, early finishes – 46.0M, 43.7M, 38.0M, 32.0M, 23.0C, 38.0M, 38.0M, 37.0M, 32.0M, 28.0M, 34.0M

11 fish, Total Weight – 389.7lbs, Average Weight – 35.42lbs.

Kingfisher Lake

Lee, Gary, Ray and Richard returned for their third trip but this time fishing Kingfisher – 44.8C, 46.5M, 48.7M, 50.7M, 48.4C, 51.0M, 41.5C, 41.6M, 45.8M, 35.0GC

10 Fish, Total Weight – 454.0lbs, Average Weight – 45.4lbs


Heron Lake

Terry and Mark back for their 14th trip!!!!!!!!!!!! Fished casual days only, very casual – 45.14M, 34.6M, 56.0C (New Lake Record), 36.8C, 39.8C, 38.0M, 24.0M, 43.0M, 39.14M, 37.14M, 34.0C, 33.8M, 32.0C, 39.2M, 26.0C, 20.0M, 36.0M.

17 Fish, Total Weight – 616.90lbs, Average Weight – 36.28lbs

New Lake Record for Heron Lake

Kingfisher Lake

Dave O and Badger back for another trip – fished nights and days – 49.08M, 48.0C, 38.0M, 48.8M, 48.9M, 40.12C, 50.4M, 34.0GC, 45.8C, 60.4M (New Lake Record and first 60+ fish)55.4M, 45.12M

12 fish, Total Weight 564.8lbs, Average Weight 47.04lbs

New Lake Records on each lake in the same week. Brilliant!


Heron Lake

The Oram’s were back for their 5th trip to Puyravaud, this time 4 anglers, days only – 51.10C, 42.10M, 20.13M, 49.02M, 45.12M, 22.12C, 21.4C, 27.12C, 40.01C, 35.0M, 25.1C, 34.13M, 30.0M, 29.0M, 36.13M, 39.3M, 38.9M, 37.14M, 21.6M, 20.5C, 21.0M, 32.4M, 21.5C, 48.2M, 32.1M, 18.0C, 30.11M, 20.3C, 32.6M, 36.5M, 37.3M, 32.1C, 15.8C, 22.4M, 20.4M, 29.1M, 31.0M, 37.8M, 42.3M, 24.0M, 28.5C, 34.5M, 38.5M, 31.0M, 32.12M, 32.0M, 34.4M, 39.0M, 30.2M, 30.4M, 27.14C, 25.3M, 36.3M, 34.2M, 32.2M, 33.4M, 53.6M, 39.11C, 44.5M, 43.6M, 19.4C, 51.7M.

Total 62 fish, Total Weight – 2031.04lbs, Average weight – 32.76lbs.

Kingfisher Lake

Carl Amery here for his 1st trip to Puyravaud, fished days and two nights – 38.9M, 36.6GC, 46.7M, 48.7M, 54.09M, 38.5M, 48.9M, 55.0M, 36.5GC, 34.02M, 38.5C.

Total 11 fish, Total Weight – 477.22lbs, Average weight – 43.38lbs.


Heron Lake

The O’Connors first visit to Puyravaud. Only fished days – 36.2M, 38.4C, 34.8M, 36.4M, 41.6M, 38.8M, 28.8M, 38.8M, 39.4M, 46.8M, 24.2M, 24.8M, 38.6M, 38.9M, 44.8M, 48.4M, 34.8C, 37.5M, 41.4M, 53.8M, 27.6C, 29.4M, 24.8M. Total Weight – 849.0lbs, Average Weight – 36.91lbs

Highest ever average weight on Heron!

Kingfisher Lake

Not fished



Peter and Sarah are regular visitors to French carp fisheries, so there first trip to Kingfisher Lake at Puyravaud was interesting to see how we fared against some of the top venues they have visited.

Peter was straight into the fish on his first night, landing a nice 50+mirror and despite the changeable weather, he caught consistently right through the week. He ended up with 18 fish – 5 x 50’s, 13 x 40’s and 1 36lb grass carp that bought his average weight down just a tad!!!!!!!!!!!!!! His average weight was bang on 48lbs with his biggest fish at 59lbs 2ozs.

All in all, Peter and Sarah were very happy with the fishing and the quality of the accommodation that went with it. Looks like they will be back again to try and improve on a very good first visit.

Another nice 50+ for Peter
Peter’s 59.2 mirror
Two Tone growing nicely – 58+