Lake Rules

We want you to enjoy your stay at Puyravaud Lakes, the following rules are intended to safeguard the fish, the fishery and to protect the business so that everyone can keep enjoying the experience at Puyravaud.

We reserve the right to inspect any angling tackle to ensure rules are being observed.

All anglers must use the unhooking mats, weigh slings and landing nets provided – please do not bring your own from the UK as you will not be allowed to use them. (more room for other holiday stuff!!!!!!)

  1. All anglers must use bait purchased from Puyravaud, as this ensures a high nutritional value & consistency of diet.  Boilies, Particle & Pellet are available at competitive prices  Nut Baits are prohibited.  Any queries please ask once your reservation is confirmed. Any angler trying to fish with prohibited baits will be asked to leave the fishery.
  2. Please order bait requirements in advance to ensure we can cater for your needs.  We do offer value for money on all bait products purchased.
  3. Maximum of 3 rods per angler, minimum of 15 lb line.
  4. Micro barbed hooks only – maximum size 6.
  5. Only semi-fixed leads using a safety clip are permitted.
  6. No Rods to be left unattended at any time. Anglers must remain on or around their swim at all times, if rods are in the water.
  7. All fish should be landed in a landing net and then lifted out of the water supported by a weigh sling. Our fish are growing in size and lifting them out just using a landing net damages both the frame and net.
  8. No inexperienced anglers/children (under 18) are to fish alone.  They must be accompanied by an experienced angler or adult within the group at all times and they must NOT play the fish. They can help land, weigh and photograph only. We are flexible on this rule for proven experienced younger anglers who fish regularly in the UK.
  9. Carp Sacks prohibited and no sacking of fish overnight. Fish must be returned to the water immediately after weighing and photographing. Any person found to have sacked a fish for any length of time will be asked to stop fishing and leave the fishery.
  10. Anglers must remain kneeling at all times when holding fish.
  11. Any fish over 45 lbs can be weighed on the bank but MUST be photographed in the water only. If required, please bring the appropriate gear to make this practical. Any person not observing this rule will be asked to leave the fishery.
  12. All fish should be treated with respect, returned carefully and quickly into the water and given sufficient recovery time in sling before releasing.
  13. Please use antiseptic/carp care treatment for hook and small injuries.  Please notify us of any damage/ injury to any fish – if serious and practicable please come and find us before returning the damaged fish to the water. Carp Care treatments are available from the shop.
  14. In the unlikely event that you need to use our boat to retrieve line or deal with a snag, it is ESSENTIAL that you put on the life jackets provided before putting the boat in the water. We have just lost a dear friend who drowned on a fishing trip in France and we are enforcing this rule very strictly. Therefore, anyone seen in the boat without a flotation device on will be asked to leave the fishery immediately. We could not live with ourselves if an accident were to occur and the life jackets had not been utilised.
  15. Please respect the environment and use the rubbish bins provided for all discarded tackle and other waste. (No cigarette butts to be left anywhere) We will provide yellow and black sacks to allow you to sort rubbish accordingly as it is put in the bins.
  16. Please respect our neighbours and fellow visitors, by keeping noise to a minimum, whether at the lakes or in the accommodation.
  17. We provide all landing nets, weigh slings and unhooking mats. Please ensure that these are used properly and carefully. All landing nets frames and nets are checked before issue. Please DO NOT step on these as they will break and we charge £25 per frame and £15 per net for any breakages.
  18. No night fishing on the last night of your stay.
  19. If you are intending to night fish, please ensure that you bring the correct lighting accessories to ensure safe fishing in the dark.
  20. All hire gear must be returned to the open barn by 7.00 pm on your last day before departure (weekly stays) or as arranged with the owners.
  21. You are required to sign for all fishing equipment provided/hired by Puyravaud. You will need to verify condition of the gear and then return it in the same condition, otherwise charges will be made to replace damaged goods. This applies to landing nets, weigh slings and unhooking mats as well as all hired items.

Anyone found to be in breach of these rules will be asked to leave the fishery – no refund will be given and deposits will be forfeited.

We thank you for your full co-operation and for taking care of our fish and equipment..