From 2020, we are making Puyravaud an even more exclusive French carp fishing venue!

Up to now, we have been taking two bookings per week, one barn and Heron Lake and one cottage and Kingfisher Lake. From next year, we will only be taking ONE booking per week. This means that each group will have a choice of accommodation and will be able to fish both lakes during their stay – all included in their holiday price. During summer months, they will also have exclusive use of the pool as well.

Our 2020 season will open on Saturday 29th February and close on Saturday 7th November meaning that we will only take a maximum of 35 bookings for the year. We will prioritise larger groups and regular customers and unfortunately, we will be unable to accommodate trips of less than a week.

If you are thinking of coming to Puyravaud in 2020, please book early to avoid disappointment!


Our 2018 is now officially over!

Monday 12th November saw our last guests leave after a great weekend first trip to Puyravaud. The weather was changeable but warm and Matt and Gavin were able to bivvy up for the whole session and get 13 fish safely into the bank. Not a bad session considering the time of the year.

Looking back over the year, it has been our best year to date and challenging due the long hot weather that undoubtedly affected the fishing, particularly on Kingfisher Lake. That said, we have seen continued growth rates and new lake records for both lakes. We are now up to 57.4lbs on Heron and 63lbs on Kingfisher an increase of around 3lbs on each lake. Also, the number of 50’s caught this year increased from 55 to 67, a healthy increase of nearly 22%.

In 2019, we are virtually booked up to the level we are comfortable with, so we are opening our 2020 calendar for bookings. Please book early to avoid disappointment.

Thanks to everyone that booked and particularly our many returning guests that have helped us make Puyravaud what it is today. See you in 2019!



Terry is a very regular visitor to Puyravaud and this was his third trip – this year!!!!!!!!

He always books the same week in September as he has always caught fish. This year he was dealing with very different conditions, with temperatures in the 30’s for most of the week. This trip, with wife Christine, meant that Terry would only fish days and therefore he would be contending with the unusually high water temperature for the time of year.

Despite this, Terry made the most of the week and landed 5 beauties, including 4 x 50lb+ fish caught on the trot – only the second time this has been achieved on Kingfisher Lake!

Another Puyravaud 50 for Terry
Two Ton for Terruy
Terry’s third 50 on the trot!
Terry’s 4th 50 on the bounce!

We are now privileged to hold 9 out of 10 of Terry’s biggest ever fish caught in France and it would be true to say that Terry definitely has a great love affair with Kingfisher Lake at Puyravaud. He has already booked a two week stay for September 2019 to try to improve these records and we look forward to welcoming Terry and Christine back next year!



Richard and Tina visited Puyravaud for the first time this September and enjoyed a good weeks fishing and relaxing. Richard was fishing Kingfisher Lake which had proved difficult for the previous few weeks due to very warm weather conditions.

The strategy was to fish nights only baiting just three or four spots for utmost accuracy in an attempt to lure fish onto just a few spots. The strategy worked and Richard had two 40+lbs fish on his first night. His second night proved just as lucrative with two more lovely fish of 58.5 and 54lb. Continuing to catch steadily for the whole week, Richard managed a total of 10 fish with 4 x 50+ fish, an average weight of 47.2lbs and smallest fish weighing in at 39lbs. Not a bad first visit.

Another 50+ Kingfisher Common
Split Tail
Richards 54+ Mirror



Shane, Lee and Ollie arrived at Puyravaud for the first time for a family fishing holiday. This meant time by the pool, days out and fishing early mornings and nights.

It proved an eventful trip with Lee breaking his PB numerous times and ending up with a common and mirror over 55lbs! Shane also bagged a 55lb+ fish for his equal third best ever fish. Ollie bagged a very nice grassy at 40lb as well as 9 other nice carp including a fish of just under 40 caught using a stalking rod and centre pin reel. He ended up in the shallow water of the bay to make sure he landed this lively fish.

The Stalked Mirror
Ollie’s stalking set-up

The family group of 9 enjoyed the pool and their trips out for an all round holiday to be remembered.



For a long time, a carp fishing trip to France has been on Karl Hutchinson’s bucket List. Well this year that dream came true!

Karl was able to spend time on both our lakes in an effort to improve his UK best. It took a couple of days, for Karl to get into the fish but Heron delivered some lovely specimens as well as an unexpected catch. Karl landed a couple of PB fish before hooking into our biggest common, landed at 56.5lbs. This was followed by a number of good fish in the 30’s and 40’s, before Karl got a big surprise and landed an 18lb pike. We keep a few pike to reduce the numbers of small fish in the lake and this one seems to have grown rapidly since it went into the lake in 2014 weighing only 1.5lbs!!!!!

Karl tried Kingfisher later in the week and managed to land a lovely 47lb mirror to complete a fantastic weeks fishing. The family also enjoyed the pool and the very hot weather to make for an unforgettable first trip to France.



Regular visitor Terry White was at it again a few weeks back, when he visited Puyravaud for the second time this year. During a night session he hooked into Split Tail and after a difficult fight in the dark the fish was landed at 1.30am in the morning. This time the scales tipped at just over 60lbs and good news that Split Tail is now at its highest weight since arriving with us two years ago!

Terry continues to catch some of our biggest fish and we are happy to have such strong representation on Terry’s top 10 catches, compiled over 30 years of carp fishing in France. Well done Terry and see you in September.




The beginning of June saw a continuation of the stormy weather we had seen in May. Thunder storms hit regularly, along with heavy rainfall and winds. Not what our customers wanted. But there is always an upside – the fishing has been really good with some excellent catches and a good head of 50’s coming out on a regular basis.

Alan Harwin is on his first trip to Puyravaud with friend Graham and their wives. A two week stay has allowed them to fish both lakes and Alan had two PB’s on Kingfisher with his biggest fish a 58.4lb mirror. Moving on to Heron, Alan immediately found the fish at the shallow end of the lake and after landing fish weighing 49.7 and 35lb, he was into something bigger, landing a 57.4lb common at 2.30am to break our Heron Lake record and land his 3rd good 50 of the trip!

Graham, after a difficult start, has also found the fish at the other end of the lake, landing numerous PB’s including a very nice 37lb fish. More to come in the rest of the week as the weather settles down.



Matt Howe’s first trip to Puyravaud was proving difficult with the weather very wet and the fish not biting early in the week. That all changed as Matt hooked into a lovely fish at 9.00pm on Thursday evening. After a wonderful fight, he landed a fantastic 57.0lb common for a massive PB and new lake record.

This fish has made two other appearances this season and Matt was over the moon to land such a beauty to turn his week around – big style!

Carl also had a very good Thursday night/Friday morning catching 7 fish in 8 hours.

Matt, Carl and Ethan have all managed to break their PB’s during the trip, so everyone goes home happy. Just a shame the weather was awful for the rest of the group!

Its official – new lake record of 57lbs



We are enjoying some good fishing early in the 2018 season and after waiting nearly 3 years for the Heron lake record to go, it has been broken twice in the same month. This time it was Stu’s turn to catch our biggest common at 4.00am which this time weighed in at a lovely 56lbs 10ozs. The O’Dell group enjoyed a fabulous 5 days fishing on Heron and after a very slow start, they captured a massive 67 fish with a total weight of 2163lbs. Not for the faint hearted but on the Wednesday of their trip they landed 30 fish in a single day – our most ever in a single day!

Needless to say the lads are planning an even bigger trip to Puyravaud in 2019!