Terry was back at Puyravaud for his usual September slot and ended up beating his own records from last Septembers trip. In just 5 days fishing, he landed 23 fish for a total weight of 979lbs and an average weight of over 42lbs. His haul was 5 x 30’s, 14 x 40’s and 4 x 50’s with a best a couple of ounces under 56lbs. Terry landed most of his fish using garlic and liver flavoured boilies or peach and pepper wafters.

So Terry leaves with the record for the most fish caught on Kingfisher by a single angler in a week and also the most fish caught in a single day (7). He also managed a number of PB’s including his largest common at just over 45lbs!

Terry and Chris will be back next September to try and improve on this weeks result – that will be difficult, but who knows!




Pete Allen is a regular visitor to Puyravaud. This time he is here with wife Alison and her parents. Despite a number of trips out to see the Charente countryside, Pete enjoyed a pretty good week on the fishing side.

He managed to bag 10 fish for 420lbs and an average of 42lbs. His haul included 2 x 50’s and 5 x 40’s for a very successful week. Pete is coming back again in March next year to try and extend his PB of just over 52lbs! See you next year Pete! You’ll soon be in double figure visits – yet another PB!

Pete’s 48lb
Pete’s 43lb



Neil and Sarah visited Puyravaud for the first time and had the catching holiday of a lifetime. Neil wasted no time getting into the fish and soon broke his PB (which would go a number of times on the trip). Despite spending time out visiting the surrounding area and not fishing nights, Neil managed to land 16 fish with a total weight of 730.3lbs and an average weight of 45.64lbs. He caught 4 x 30’s, 8 x 40’s and 4 x 50’s!

Neil managed to beat the record for the most fish caught by a single angler on Kingfisher Lake in one day (6) and equal the record for the most fish caught in a week by a single angler. (16). He enjoyed a spectacular birthday catching those 6 fish and his biggest fish of 57.6lbs beat his previous PB by over 20lbs. Not a bad trip.

Neil’s 50.10
Neil’s 52lb
Neil’s 54.9



The Chalk family visited Puyravaud for the second time and Howard was desperate to catch some carp after a disappointing first trip.

The first week was OK with 5 fish banked, but a feeling of what might have been with 6 fish dropped. However, Howard made up for it on the second Sunday with 5 beautiful carp during a magical 6 hour session. 48.1, 39.6, 48.12, 53.0 and finally the best of all a 59.8 mirror that equalled the lake and venue records.

The good luck continued as Howard went on to land 11 fish in his second week and 16 in total for a very successful fishing trip. Considering he did not fish for 2-3 days during the second week, it was an even better result with average weights of 46.22 for the 11 fish caught and 44lbs for the two week catch. Howard broke his PB on at least 4 occasions and has well and truly joined The Puyravaud 50’s Club! He ended up with 4 x 50’s, 7 x 40’s and 6 x 30’s. Not half bad!!!!!!!!!!! Howard also wins the prize for being the best organised photographer with a set up to take his own shots!

48lb 1 oz Mirror 1st Fish sunday 20th
53lb Mirror Sunday 20th 2nd Fish of 5
51lb 8 oz Mirror Thursday 24th
51lb Mirror Friday 25th



The Knowles group of 11 visited Puyravaud for the first time for what was primarily a two week family holiday. They took advantage of the pool and also visited local towns and sites as well as the man made beach just up the road.

On the fishing side, Gary, Paul and Lee managed to get a little time each morning for some fishing on Heron Lake and managed to have a successful time despite some changeable weather. All three managed new PB’s and totalled 37 fish and over 1000lbs in weight at an average of 30lbs.



The Ruthven family of 13 returned to Puyravaud for the 6th time to enjoy 2 weeks of R&R from their busy lives in the UK. The group always combine some fishing with lots of other activities such as Go Karting, Laser Quest, sight-seeing and visiting a few good shopping haunts.

They focused the first weeks fishing efforts on Kingfisher Lake and were soon landing some nice fish. Paul and Mark both got into the fish and landed some good high 40’s, before Paul broke his PB on day 4 with a lovely 52lb mirror. Mark’s best for week 1 was a nice 44lb mirror. However, Paul left his best until last and landed a new lake and venue record when he tempted a beautiful 59lb mirror to the bank using an 18mm garlic and liver boilies topped with white fake corn.

The fish was weighed on two separate scales to ensure accuracy and confirmed as the new Kingfisher Lake record. Not to rest on his laurels, Paul then caught another beauty of just under 50lbs soon afterwards to round off a fantastic week for the group. In total they managed 14 fish with a total weight of 622lbs and an average weight of 44.8lbs.

And they still have another week to go………………!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The group have already booked their 2018 trip to ensure another opportunity to catch some great Puyravaud carp.



The Hands family visited Puyravaud for the first time and enjoyed a once in a lifetime weeks fishing. Kingfisher Lake yielded 21 fish with 1 x 20’s, 4 x 30’s, 10 x 40’s and 6 x 50’s! Peter, Rob and John all finished with new PB’s and 2 x 50’s each. Rob also added a┬álake and venue record grass carp of over 44lbs. The guys fished days and evenings only.

Their total weight was 941lbs 4ozs and average weight 44lbs 8ozs. Not a bad week for the guys with the second best week ever recorded on Kingfisher Lake at Puyravaud!!!!!!



What a way to celebrate your 5oth birthday!

Andy and Mark arrived for their first visit to Puyravaud and immediately got into the fish! They just kept catching all week and amassed a total weight of over 2200lbs. This is the first time we have recorded more than 2000lbs in a single week and it shows that Heron Lake certainly has got its mojo back after a slower 2016. Birthday boy Mark seemed obsessed with catching all his fish during the night, whilst Andy’s efforts were more balanced across a 24 hour period!

The guys are part of Gary Hagues’ Marley syndicate and certainly used every bit of carp fishing knowledge to extract that many fish, despite some windy conditions.

We hope to see them back next year to pit their skills against our Kingfisher Lake. Well done guys and thanks Gary for the recommendation!

Andy’s Two Tone Common
Andy’s Two Tone Mirror
Andy’s nice 40+ mirror



The Parker family enjoyed a great first trip to Puyravaud, fishing Kingfisher Lake.

They managed to catch 15 fish with a total weight of 694lbs for an average weight of 46.3lbs, our highest ever ( for the second week running).

They caught 7 x 50+, 5 x 40’s, 2 x 30’s and 1 x 20! Included in the 50’s were our first two fish over 55lbs including a new lake and venue record 56lb 11oz mirror. Both lady anglers caught PB’s with 55lb 13oz and 53lb 4oz mirrors and a 46lb common. Well done to the girls this week!

Marks 54.6
Linda’s 46lb common PB


Lee’s Heron Common Lake Record

Over the 5 years that we have been running Puyravaud as a French Carp Fishery, we have strived to develop a venue for groups/families where everyone gets a holiday and there’s some great carp fishing to be had as well.

During that time, we have quietly built a good number of carp in both lakes and watched as the average weights increased. We are now up to 32lb+ in Heron (170 fish stocked in 6.5 acres) and incredibly 44lb In Kingfisher (60 fish stocked in 2.75 acres).

In the last week we have seen 9 x 50’s come out including our first two fish over 55lbs and our first common over 50lbs. This is by far our best performance in any week, so why the sudden improvement?

The answer – probably a number of factors. In the last few years we have seen a strong increase in the number of high 40’s caught and a good number of these are growing on to become 50’s. Quality of fish stock is also important and we have obviously bought well in the early days (thanks to the help from a number of people, particularly Gary Hagues who helped choose a large number of the fish in both lakes). Thirdly, correct fish numbers in each lake allow the fish to grow on if fed correctly and getting that feeding regime right is not easy. Lastly, we restrict the number of weeks we receive guests to fish each lake to ensure the fish get plenty of time to rest.

Should we be surprised at the results – maybe not but always nice when the results exceed expectations!!!!!!!! Oh and one last thing……………..patience is a necessary virtue for a carp fishery owner!!!!!!

Dave O new 50+ PB
Just under 52lb PB