Heron Lake

Ian and Jeff had a fantastic second week (finished fishing on Thursday evening so only 6 days – 43.03M, 39.01M, 26.06M, 23.13M, 42.06M, 31.13M, 36.06M, 46.08M, 40.04M, 32.11M, 34.08M, 31.05M, 43.05M, 52.05M, 32.07M, 20.0C, 45.1M, 34.14C, 46.03M, 26.6M, 27.1M, 18.1M, 20.0M, 25.06M, 30.03M, 51.03M, 23.05M, 25.04M, 27.08M, 23.04M, 31.05M, 28.03M, 41.03M, 25.05M

34 fish – Total Weight 1124.76lbs, Average Weight 33.08lbs

New PB for Jeff and further 50’s for Ian. A great week in wet conditions. In total 54 fish over two weeks and more than 1800lbs in weight – a very good average weight of over 33lbs!!!!

Kingfisher Lake

Terry White returned for his 3rd trip and what a record breaking week he had – 37.04M, 38.09M, 39.11M, 54.13M, 44.06M, 44.0M, 47.11M, 44.03M, 39.11M, 51.05M, 55.13M, 43.01M, 50.05M, 45.03M, 42.12C, 44.0M, 41.04M, 46.08M, 31.08M, 43.08M, 46.08M, 44.12M, 45.08C.

23 fish, Total Weight 979lbs, Average weight 42.12lbs.

Terry only fished 5.5 days and yet broke his own record for the most fish caught (23) by a single angler on Kingfisher (PREVIOUS BEST 16) in one week. Also beat the record for the most fish caught (7) by a single angler in one day. A fabulous week for Terry with new PB’s for both mirror and commons and 4 fish over 50lbs!

We had 6 x 50’s out this week across both lakes and ended up recording our 48th 50lbs+ fish of the season – a massive improvement on previous years with still time for a lot more in 2017! Here’s to the half century coming very soon!


Kingfisher Lake (Friday to Friday)

Pete Allen returned for 8th trip to Puyravaud, this time bringing Alison for her 3rd trip and her parents for their first. This made it, first and foremost a family holiday with at least two days out for trips, day fishing only – 36.4M, 48.3M, 44.3M, 39.1M, 43.5M, 50.6M, 23.9M, 48.0M, 43.1M, 51.0M.

Total 10 fish Total Weight 420.2lbs, Average Weight 42.2lbs.

Considering the time out on trips – a good week for Pete. Another two Puyravaud 50’s to add to his tally. Stats a little lower as Pete also managed to catch one of only 2 fish under 30lbs in the lake!!!!!!

Heron Lake

The Brown/Warner group are visiting Puyravaud for the second time after a gap of 6 years with Ian and Jeff looking to catch their first 50’s. This is the first of their two weeks at Puyravaud – 32.1M, 30.02M, 40.05M, 38.00M, 33.1M, 24.1M, 53.10C (New Common Lake and Venue Record), 31.2M, 29.02M, 39.5M, 35.0M, 29.04M, 37.0M, 33.4M, 35.04M, 42.03M, 35.08M, 39.02M, 45.2M.

19 fish, Total Weight 681lbs, Average Weight 35.84lbs.

A good first week for the guys with Jeff beating his PB twice and Ian landing our best ever Common and his first 50+ fish! Also a very strong average weight. More to come next week.


Kingfisher Lake (Friday – Friday)

Neil and Sarah arrived for some much needed R&R and a chance to take on some of Kingfisher’s best! A birthday treat for Neil as well – 40.6C, 49.1M, 38.6M, 57.6M, 39.6M, 43.1M, 52.5M, 45.14M, 48.0M, 45.14M, 38.1C, 45.08M, 32.1M, 54.9M, 50.10M, 49.10M

16 Fish, Total Weight – 730.3lbs, Average Weight – 45.64lbs

A fabulous week for Neil, equalled the most fish caught by a single angler on Kingfisher in one week, set new record for most fish caught in a single day by one angler on Kingfisher and beat his PB many times. 4 x 30’s, 8 x 40’s and 4 x 50’s. Not half bad!

Heron Lake

Russell and Bob’s second week and pretty good it was – 32.7M, 45.5M, 39.5M, 31.8M, 28.6M, 39.5C, 23.8M, 30.5M, 32.3M, 26.2M, 21.2C, 45.3M, 31.8M, 38.9M, 50.9M, 22.9M, 23.7M, 28.7M, 44.6M, 35.5M, 43.6M

21 fish, Total Weight – 717.5lbs, Average weight – 34.17lbs

Over 2 weeks – 35 fish, Total Weight – 1182.37lbs, Average Weight – 33.78lbs.

A good second week as both guys found their feet and Bob weighed in with some PB’s as well. Rusell’s highlights were his 2 x 50’s


Heron Lake

The Potters are at Puyravaud for their first trip. Bob and Russell, normally catching barbel on the Severn, were looking for a family holiday with some fishing as well – 37.1M, 20.0C, 38.75M, 43.0M, 36.0M, 31.0M, 30.4M, 30.8M, 51.2C, 25.2M, 35.0M.

12 fish – Total Weight 378.45lbs, Average Weight 31.53lbs

The guys took a few days to get into the fish, but their first week ended with PB’s all round and the highlight being a beautiful 51lbs+ common. The guys still have another week to go!!!!!!

Kingfisher Lake

Howard’s second week and what a week it was – 39.12C, 48.1M, 53.0M, 39.6M, 48.12M, 59.8M (Equalled Lake and Venue Record), 38.6M, 36.8M, 40.12M, 51.8M, 51.9M.

11 fish – Total Weight 508.5lbs, Average Weight 46.3lbs

A great week for Howard with 4 x 50’s and one that equalled the lake and venue record. Multiple PB’s this week to better last weeks to make it a pretty perfect two week stay. 16 fish in total, 5 x 30’s, 7 x 40’s and 4 x 50’s!!!!!!!!


Heron Lake

The Brinksman/Wright group arrived for what was primarily a family holiday with some fishing as well. Andy and Steve fished some evenings/nights as well as fitting in some trips and time by the pool – 33.0M, 22.0C, 20.0C, 34.0M, 21.0C, 47.0M, 33.0M, 20.0C, 32.0M, 35.7M, 33.0M, 40.0M, 24.0M, 27.0M, 23.0C, 34.7C, 20.0C, 21.0C, 22.0C, 28.0M, 27.0M, 31.0M, 32.0M, 28.0M, 25.0M

25 fish – Total Weight 746.4lbs, Average Weight 29.86lbs.

Kingfisher Lake

Howard and family returned for their second visit to Puyravaud. Last year Howard struggled in difficult conditions, but is back for 2 weeks to put the record straight – 39.8M, 44.0M, 43.6M, 42.6C, 42.12M.

5 fish – Total Weight 212.9lbs, Average Weight 42.58lbs

Howard has broken his PB on 3 occasions and the week could have been so much better as he dropped 6-7 takes. There’s always next week to get some more.


Heron Lake

The Ruthvens on a two week stay focused on Heron for their second week, 20.0C, 53.0C, 25.0M, 22.0M, 28.0M, 25.0M, 25.0M, 31.0M, 49.0M, 20.0C, 35.0M, 21.0C, 44.0M, 36.0C, 44.0M, 49.0M, 37.0M, 37.0M,27.0M, 32.0M

21 Fish, Total Weight – 691lbs, Average Weight 32.9lbs

Considering the guys only fished a few mornings and evenings, a very good second week with our largest Common on Heron coming out for the 4th time this year. The guys will be back for the 7th time in 2018!!!!!!

Kingfisher Lake

Not fished as they all moved to Heron for the second week.


Kingfisher Lake

The Ruthven group of 13 are back at Puyravaud for their 6th visit and have concentrated all their efforts on one lake for their first week. Fishing evenings, some nights and early mornings, Paul, Mark and Dave are trying to continue Kingfishers trend of yielding a good number of fish – 30.0C, 40.0C, 42.0M, 46.0M, 44.0M, 44.0M, 35.0M, 52.0M, 45.0M, 44.0M, 48.0M, 44.0M, 59.0M (Lake and Venue Record), 49.0M.

14 fish, Total Weight – 622.5lbs, Average Weight 44.5lbs.

The boys had a fantastic first week rounded off by Paul’s new lake and venue record of 59.0lbs. Paul actually broke his PB twice in two days with a 52.0 mirror followed by the 59.0lb lake record.

The boys still have another week at Puyravaud to catch a few more!!!!!!!!!

Heron Lake

Not fished as the team all fished Kingfisher.


Heron Lake

Gary, Lee and Paul stayed on for their second week and again fished sociable hours to tie in with trips out with the family. Left Friday, so 6 days only – 44.0M, 23.0C, 37.0M, 20.0M, 35.oM, 28.0M, 26.0M, 40.0M, 22.0M, 36.0M, 24.0C, 29.0M, 35.0M, 25.0M, 33.0M, 20.0M, 26.0M, 35.0M.

18 Fish, Total Weight – 538lbs, Average Weight – 29.88lbs.

Kingfisher Lake

Robin visited Puyravaud for the first time with family and fished evenings and nights only – 40.13M, 44.0M, 51.6M, 49.6M, 43.8M, 38.6C, 38.12M.

7 fish, Total Weight – 307.3lbs, Average Weight – 43.9lbs.

Fishing on his own, Robin did well and produced both a mirror and common PB.


Kingfisher Lake

The Hands family, Pete, Rob and John arrived for their first visit to Puyravaud and enjoyed a weeks fishing to remember – 43.04M, 44.2GC, 39.15M, 32.15M, 27.11M, 43.15M, 41.03M, 47.2M, 48.4M, 53.14M, 54.14M, 48.12C, 50.5M, 52.15M, 42.08GC, 54.11M, 53.10M, 36.05GC, 42.00M, 45.04M, 37.13M.

21 fish Total Weight – 941.04lbs, Average Weight – 44.08lbs.

Some fantastic fish caught and PB’s all round + venue record grass carp of just over 44lbs! Not a bad week!!!!!!!

Heron Lake

Gary, Lee and Paul are visiting Puyravaud for the first time with their families on a two week holiday. They are fishing for a couple of hours in the mornings and evenings and are spending the ret of the time with family visiting the area and spending time by the pool – 25.7M, 34.8M, 28.9M, 41.7M, 21.9M. 29.8M, 30.6M, 20.9C, 23.5C, 39.9M, 30.3M, 34.6M, 31.5M, 34.8M, 26.2M, 29.7M, 23.5M, 29.7M, 23.6M.

19 Fish Total Weight – 561.6lbs Average Weight – 29.55lbs.

A little under our lake average for Heron, but good news is they have a second week to try and weedle out some of our bigger fish!


Heron Lake

Kevin and Sue visiting us for the umpteenth time, very lightly fished for 5 days from 10am – 6.00pm (with a couple of hours off for lunch!!!!!!!!!!) No evenings or nights fished! – 40.5M, 38.2M, 28.7M, 20.8C, 28.9M, 42.9GC, 44.9M, 21.5C, 27.8M.

Total Weight 294.2lbs Average Weight 32.69lbs.

Kingfisher Lake

Not fished.