Heron Lake

Adrian and Tony arrived for their first visit to Puyravaud (3 days), courtesy of a lovely joint birthday present from Gemma, to celebrate their 40th and 70th birthdays respectively – 28.0M, 34.0M, 30.0M, 23.0C, 34.0C, 27.3C, 52.3M.

7 fish, Total Weight – 228.6lbs, Average Weight – 32.65lbs.

A good trip for the guys with multiple PB’s all round, including a very nice 50 for Adrian! Not a bad birthday present eh?

Kingfisher Lake

Closed all season


Our first catch report of 2019

Heron Lake

Josh and Emma returned for a 3 night stop, this time with Adam and Wendy – the girls fished for some of the days.

39.7M, 53.0M, 33.0M 39.12M, 33.6M, 36.3M, 25.0M, 40.0M

Total Weight – 300.4lbs, Average Weight – 37.55lbs

Not a bad start to the season – 3 PB’s, our first 50 of the season and customers went home happy!

Kingfisher Lake

Closed for the 2019 season